Early Bird discount on hypnotherapy training – extended

Hypnotherapy Training special offer extended – 10% off Stage 1 or the Full Diploma

We’ve just extended the Early Bird Discount on the September 2013 Stage 1 Course until Friday August 23rd!

Book now and get either 10% off our Stage 1 course (saving £70) or get 10% off the whole Diploma Package (saves £220)!

Our Stage 1 Certificate Course in Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy starts Saturday September 14th and runs for 7 day straight until Friday September 20th. The course will be held at Jurys Inn Hotel, Islington. You can read more about the Stage 1 course here: https://www.ukhypnosis.com/training-courses/certificate-in-hypnotherapy/

The whole Diploma package is comprised of Stage 1 (7 Day Training in Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy), Stage 2 (7 Day Training in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy) and Stage 3 (a more advanced 7 Day Training in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy) – making a total of 21 days of classroom training. Nearly 50% of the classroom time is dedicated to practical experience – either being a therapist or being a client and receiving hypnotherapy.
You can read more about the full diploma here: https://www.ukhypnosis.com/training-courses/hypnotherapy-diploma/

Suitable for experience and novice therapists.

Our hypnotherapy training is suitable both for those who are completely new to therapy – and also for experienced therapists and psychologists. For those new to therapy the quite scientfic approach to therapy that is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) will seem quite common sense and very accessible.  Very often those with an IT or engineering background particularly like the CBT approach!

For experienced psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors our courses provide a way to expand and upgrade existing skills – learning how to apply hypnosis and visual imagery techniques to existing CBT skills – or, for those new to CBT, learning the cognitive-behavioural approach AND then adding hypnotherapy to that. There is a constant focus on empowering clients through teaching them self-hypnosis skills, developing self-hypnosis protocols for them (e.g. in pain control) or teaching them applied relaxation, problem solving, mindfulness or assertiveness.

Quick online booking here: https://www.ukhypnosis.com/training-courses/booking/#bookhypnotherapycourse

View course dates here: https://www.ukhypnosis.com/training-courses/dates/

Fast Track Intensive Training

Many courses spread their training over one a weekend a month for year. Our students like that our hypnotherapy training is more intensive and compact. Not only does that allow you to become trained more quickly but it creates a fertile learning environment  – and it allows us, as trainers, to build upon each day of knowledge.

Special opportunity: Full Diploma in three months!

Because we have a Stage 1 in September, a Stage 2 course in October and a Stage 3 course in November – there is a special opportunity to get fully trained before the end of the year.

Fully Accredited, Externally Awarded!

Our Diploma is accredited by the three largest professional hypnotherapy registers: The National Council of Hypnotherapy, The National Hypnotherapy Society and The General Hypnotherapy Register.

Also we don’t print our off our own Diplomas! Our Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is externally awarded by NCFE – a national awarding body who are regulated by OfQual (the Government Office of Qualifications and Examinations).

Read more about Accreditation here: https://www.ukhypnosis.com/course-accreditation/


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