Quick Existential Question Paper

The Existential Question Paper

Copyright (c) Donald Robertson.  All rights reserved.

These are questions which have been asked to prompt deep reflection on one’s life purpose.  It can be good fun and quite interesting to consider them seriously and provide careful answers to each question in turn.  Try it and see… 

Son of Zeus.  Imagine you receive a magic talisman that means you never fail, and always succeed at everything you do.  What would you do next?

Hindsight.  If you could rewrite your life so far, what would be the main thing you would change?

Aladdin.  Imagine you find a magic lamp that gives you three wishes.  What would you wish for (apart from more wishes)?

The Afterlife.  Imagine, in the distant future, having passed away, you are looking back on things from heaven and reviewing your life.  What would you like to remember yourself as having achieved?

Brave Pill.  Imagine you were given a magic pill that suddenly made you ten times more courageous and decisive, while remaining just as intelligent.  What would you do next?

Carpe Diem.  If you knew that your life was going to end in one year, what would you do with the time remaining?

Desert Island Fantasy.  You are stranded on a desert island for a year, with only a psychologist for company.  By observing your behaviour very closely, what would they learn about you as a person?

Plato’s Cave.  Suppose you discover that life is an illusion, and you are actually dreaming it all.  What would you do next, knowing nothing is real?

The Ring of Gyges.  If you had a magic ring that made you invisible, what would you use it for?

The Fundamental Goal.  Using your answers to the questions above as a guide, sum up the main goal that you would like to achieve in life. 

The Sage.  What sort of person would you have to be in order to achieve your fundamental goal?

Obstacles.  What, if anything, stops you from going ahead and just doing it right now? 

Re-evaluate Goal.  If there are any obstacles, how could you deal with them?

The Bigger Picture.  If you achieved your fundamental goal, how would your life in general be different?

Personal Identity.  If you achieved your fundamental goal, what sort of person do you feel it would it make you?