Graph showing correlation between process and outcome in psychotherapy

Process-Outcome Research in Psychotherapy

Okay, brief explanation…  This graph summarises data from all available studies from a fifty-year period, identified by the authors as providing data on the correlation between different processes and psychotherapy outcomes.  It’s not a meta-analysis, just a head-count of the number of studies showing positive, negative or no correlation.  What this graph doesn’t show is the variation in the total number of studies reporting on each process.  Nevertheless, here you go, reflection and clarification was found by a very percentage of the total studies to be positively correlated with outcome and a larger proportion of the studies found it to be either uncorrelated or negatively correlated.  At the other (better!) end of the scale, paradoxical intention and having a longer rather than a shorter treatment duration were both found to be positively correlated with outcome by every study (100%) that measured them.


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    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. It’s no surprise that the reflection/ clarification has a high negative percentage.

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