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We just finished teaching the two day Smoking Cessation Masterclass. It’s always a great workshop to teach: imparting information, confidence, skills and enthusiasm to eager minds.

If you’re going to have a client become a non-smoker through a single two hour session then you’re going to deliver a lot during those two hours with great concentration, energy, enthusiasm and complete belief in the client. So teaching that over a weekend and really training therapists how to deliver a highly effective, multi-component client tailored two hour session is amazingly energising! It’s a really full weekend.

This weekend novice and experienced hypnotherapists were joined by private psychologists, an esteemed child/adolescent psychiatrist from Hungry and a Neuro-Psychologist from the NHS – comprising a great group!

Sixteen participants in all.

Satisfaction Ratings were:
8/10 – 3 participants
9/10 – 3 participants
10/10 – 10 participants

Some of the feedback:
“A very concise and well-structured two day course which is supported by evidence-based material. This is extremely helpful, particularly when thinking of marketing to companies in today’s financial environment. Do this course! You will not regret it”
– Amanda Wood, psychologist

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“I loved the whole systematic approach and how it all came together. A marvellous course. Highly recommended.” – Sheena King, psychotherapist

“I never realised just how many chemicals are in tobacco smoke! The best thing was the time projection imagery in hypnosis.” – Camelia. therapist in training

“I appreciated the systematic way it was delivered. The content was laid out and presented well. Excellent course. Thank you.” – Sergio, Actor, hypnotherapist

“The course gives you all the information you could need to starting doing Smoking Cessation. A great range of methods and techniques to use. The course will pay for itself! I can’t wait to start saving lives.” – Alex Ward, hypnotherapist

“I liked the integration of different components to address a difficult to treat and serious behavioural problem. The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy delivers excellent courses which cover theory and practice in a way that the adoption of new clinical skills is a very achievable and rewarding outcome.” – Dr Anthony Dimech, psychiatrist

“It was good to get a very clear treatment protocol delivered in a well-paced, engaging programme. Worth every penny!” – Philip, writer, therapist in training

“Fast paced while clear – and gave me many more tools to assist clients. So much information delivered in a two day format. Great focus on relapse prevention.” – Peter Sear, hypnotherapist

“What I liked best is the approach is founded on science-based, practical solutions.” – Dr Bea Paszthy, Child Psychiatrist

“Very useful, very practical. Everything I need to get started.” – Katy Jackson, psychologist

“A complete and thorough programme. Great information. Really clear evidence-base.” – Neil, hypnotherapist

“A wealth of information and resources. I’m amazed it fit into two days! Highly recommended.” – Hayley, Social Worker

“I enjoyed the whole course – particularly thought-stopping and the use of mindfulness” – Debra, hypnotherapist

“Both days were EXCELLENT! Great information in the manual. Very enjoyable. Will really help me in my new practice.” – Gaylia, hypnotherapist


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