July 2016 News

Some exciting things happening over the next weeks and months.

CPD Workshop with Daniel Mirea (BABCP) – Changing Addictive Behaviours

daniel with client

Firstly we’ve got a CPD workshop with the talented Daniel Mirea (BABCP) – it’s on Changing Addictive Behaviour: Gambling, Sex and Substance Misuse – And Evidence-Based Approach. This one day workshop is going to be jam packed with information and techniques. Daniel will cover

    • How to understand the assessment and conceptualisation of addictive behaviours.
    • The difference between substance addictions and gambling addictions or other addictions.
    • The limitations of self-report measures of ‘controlled’ processes in addiction.
    • How to integrate the skills you know already into working with clients with addictive behaviours.
    • How to develop new therapy techniques and adapt existing techniques so that you are better able to target the distorted cognitive processes that maintain addiction.

When: Friday July 15th 2016, 10am to 6pm
Where: The Danubius Hotel, St Johns Wood, London NW8 7JT
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Scholarship Programme: The James Braid Scholarship

We’re really excited to be launching and offering this programme: a chance for someone who would be a natural therapist to really have a new career helping others.
The College is interested in serving community at all levels and is particularly committed to ensuring that good potential therapists who wish to train in evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (Hypno-CBT®) and are on a low income or in receipt of state benefit have the opportunity to train and establish a practice.

Scholarship Programme6 - FB graphic
Read more about the Scholarship programme here – and how to apply >>




Evening Diploma Course (Hypno-CBT® training)

To make our CBH training programme more available to those who are in work and can’t manage to attend our 7-day training courses we’ve redesigned the course to be delivered over a series of evenings.
Each of the 7-day courses (there are three: Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3) are divided into one weekend day, to start the course, followed by 12 evening sessions (Tuesday evenings, 6pm to 9:45pm)
Starts September 18th 2016 and finishes July 11th 2017!

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