New hypnotherapy career interview: from 0-60 client sessions in 2 months

Stories of Success: Vanessa Peardon, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Luxumbourg

Vanessa Peardon is a recent graduate from the UK College diploma course and started her therapy business  in Luxembourg one month after receiving her diploma certificate.

Having seen 60 client visits in her first two months, Vanessa has worked hard to strengthen both her therapeutic skills as well as her  marketing techniques and business strategy too.


  • Started her diploma training in November 2016 & completed March 2017
  • Received her diploma certificate in September 2017
  • Opened her practice in Luxembourg in October 2017
  • Started seeing her first clients in mid-November 2017
  • In her first 2 months – saw 25 clients over 60 sessions
  • Charges 80 Euros per hour.
  • Website:


Interview with Vanessa Peardon – Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

How long was it before you were running a successful business with the client list you wanted?

I qualified at the beginning of September 2017 and my business was created in October 2017 and I started working with my first clients mid-November. In those couple of months, I have treated over 25 clients spanning over 60 sessions. For a business starting with no existing clients this is very encouraging.

What were your reasons for choosing he UK College of Hypnosis? 

The reason I chose the UK College was because the course was approved by the British Psychological Society and that the training was so complete. CBT applied with hypnosis has a strong evidence base which fitted perfectly for the market I would be working in

When you were working in your previous role did you ever think that you would be doing what you do now?

Absolutely not, I was a PA in a large structure and I was far from imagining I would change my career so radically. My first experience with hypnosis was during a very trying time in my life and it helped me enormously. Then my professional environment also changed with a merger. During this time, I saw lots of people who were suffering from stress and anxiety and they seemed to gravitate naturally towards me, this is how the idea initially developed.

Vanessa’s website:

You are running a successful new business. How many clients do you see a week?  What are your rates? How would you define your success?  What are the key ingredients that have  got you where you are?

I have outlined some figures above, Saturday is often a busy day for me. I charge 80 euros for an hour session. I think to succeed when you are starting out, you need to invest in your marketing and know your personal market… know who else is practising, what they are doing, what can you offer that is different. Google really is your friend, learn AdWords or find someone who can help you as this is really key to being found. I also think that a good web site is essential. I have the possibility to book on-line and my clients appreciate this option.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Seeing people happy and seeing them make the changes that will help them to move forward. I like to give my clients the tools to be autonomous and not solely reliant on a therapist!

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