Relevant and Practical Professional Development for Coaches

What does Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy offer YOU as a Coach?

  • Evidence Based, British Psychological Society Approved Professional Development
  • A “power combination” of CBT, hypnosis and mindfulness
  • How to bring the robust, evidence-based techniques of clinical psychology into executive coaching
  • The chance to “turbo-charge” your existing techniques – through hypnotic suggestion, imagery and strategic use of emotional self-regulation techniques.
  • Powerful CBT models for understanding interferences, like anxiety, stress, insomnia – to drive questioning and design change
  • An in-depth toolkit of 35 techniques for addressing frequently encountered work-place anxieties (eg; presentation stress, public speaking)
  • Hypnotic techniques for goal and vision development – as well as problem solving.
  • Greater insight into “stuckness” and obstacles to client achievement – based on empirically derived models and evidence-based treatments for anxiety, depression and much more.
  • Training as a therapist is a great way to enrich your own personal development and to address your own stress and anxiety

Jerry Gray: Change Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Jerry trained as a Coach with Henley Business School in 2006 and has 20 years experience in change leadership and transformation; he has been freelance running his own consulting business for the last 11 year. Jerry works predominantly in the corporate field, coaching teams and individuals


Why did you choose to take a  Diploma with the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

The UK College course is one of best training events I’ve attended. I chose this diploma over others as the curriculum looked vibrant and fresh and hands on, as well as being evidence based. It’s also BPS approved, which was of key importance to me.

How has the diploma enriched your Coaching practice?

The tools and techniques that I learned through the diploma offer additional strategies and techniques to support my coaching clients more effectively. Coaching clients are often dealing with moderate anxiety, depression or performance related fears or blocks. The course offers practical tools and evidence-based techniques to address these issues with a client in a safe, structured and goal-focused way.

The imaginal work and mental rehearsal techniques amongst others offer real scope for use in for goal & vision development, whilst the relaxation techniques and desensitisation processes make effective tools for working with frequently encountered work-place anxieties such as presentation stress and fear of public speaking.

Finally, as a personal development exercise, I found the course thought-provoking, sometimes quite challenging, and very rewarding.

How long did it take you?

Jerry: It took me 5 months to complete my full diploma with The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, (the classroom training and the written assessment) and I qualified as a Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist in August 2017.



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