Celia Griver: How retraining with the UK College enhanced and increased my Hypnotherapy Business

Already trained as a Hypnotherapist before taking the CBH Diploma, Celia has a background as a Behaviour Change Counsellor in the NHS and as an International Development Executive.

Here she explains how the Diploma has enhanced her business and client experience.

“Although I was already qualified, I chose to take the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to add to my toolbox of skills.

It completely changed everything I did following the course and now I only use Hypno-CBT® with clients. I find it is a clear approach and clients are attracted by it.

I can explain to clients how I use evidence based protocols and how this means the treatment is more likely to be effective.  This helps clients to feel reassured.  It also means I tend not to get any more clients who think one session of hypnosis will cure a 30 year problem.  Rather I get clients who are committed to a programme of therapy.  It also enables me to differentiate myself in a saturated market as not just another hypnotherapist, but one with a specific, evidence-based approach.

The diploma is theoretically rich and has given me an array of additional tools to use with clients.  It is structured in such a way that it complements my existing skillset.  I was very impressed by the quality of the feedback I received which is thorough and detailed and helped me to develop my practice

Through my work in the NHS I have worked with behavioural change and felt that the diploma being evidence based was more in line with my approach.  To be honest, I discovered the College when I was half way through my original diploma and realised it was more in line with how I thought, but at that stage I needed to continue with the route I had taken.  I had always intended to add the evidence based approach.

As a result of the course, I have now developed a mindfulness practice which is important not just on a personal level but also in the way I work with clients.  And it has given me a self-care tool that I can use, particularly when I have back to back clients.  A few minutes of the mindfulness I learnt during the course helps me decompress within clients and also ensure I am totally present for each client. ”

Celia’s website is www.blossomhypnotherapy.com

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Celia Griver: How retraining with the UK College enhanced and increased my Hypnotherapy Business — 2 Comments

  1. Hello

    Can I become a Hypnotherapist when having no previous background in Psychology or Psychiatry?

    What is the highest qualification that one can reach in Hypnotherapy?

  2. Hi
    Yes in the United Kingdom there are no formal legal requirements for hypnotherapists to have a background in psychology or psychiatry. We provide a thorough, effective 21 day training that gives you sufficient knowledge and skills to practice safely and effectively with clients with sub-clinical or mild problems such as stress, mild to moderate anxiety, confidence issues, simple habit control etc. With experience and more workshops and courses you can expand your initial sphere of competence to include more complex issues, under the advice and supervision of your clinical supervisor.
    The main qualification level for hypnotherapists, and the requirement for joining most hypnotherapy professional organisations, is a diploma level course requiring a minimum of 120 classroom hours and a total of 450 learning hours.
    I believe there is an online Masters course at Robert Gorden University – although it doesn’t seem to be currently running. Bournemouth University also may be running a Master in Hypnosis – Research Methods.
    These Masters courses are a rarity. They appear from time to time but don’t tend to offered consistently and not generally recognised as required higher qualifications within the profession.
    I hope that helps!