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“You get to have the Christmas you choose. You do not have to let your own, society’s or your family’s expectations shape what you value.”

After graduating with the CBH Diploma in July this year, Lauren Williams has started a successful private practice. She has recently published her tips on surviving Christmas pressure and expectations, based on mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

Read on to hear a little bit about Lauren’s story, and how to handle the loneliness, family feuds and emotional demands of the festive season.

Lauren’s website is https://www.flourishwithlauren.co.uk/.

Tell us a bit about your practice

I am a newish therapist working from a private practice in my home in Anerley. I currently see mainly women who experience problems with their self esteem. I focus on helping people to think about their best version of themselves and then helping them to achieve that aim by providing them with the different tools I gained at UK College and combining it with the other knowledge I gained as an actress, massage therapist and yoga teacher.

What led you to retrain?

I didn’t exactly retrain. I had been planning this route all the way along. As soon as I left my Performing Arts degree I was considering working in the area of Psychology and it took me ten years and several turns in the wrong direction before I finally chose hypnotherapy. I was interested in hypnotherapy for a long time but because it didn’t seem to be backed by evidence I avoided training in it. Eventually, personal circumstances guided me back towards considering hypnotherapy and after speaking to Mark I realised that hypnotherapy was not only evidence based, but very closely aligned with a lot of training I done previously as an actress,  which convinced me that both the training and path would be a good direction for me.

What do you enjoy most about being a hypnotherapist? 

I most enjoy seeing clients have light-bulb moments and when they tell me they feel more empowered from using the skills I have taught them. It is wonderful to see people go from being stressed, anxious or mildly depressed to more confident and laid back in their behaviour.

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