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Retrain and launch your career as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

Our affordable, extra-support Diploma training package.

If you’ve lost your job or are deeply concerned about the prospects in your sector – but you believe in yourself and want a chance to take charge of your life then this option is for you.

We’ve put a lot into this complete “retrain for a new career” package, we’ve dropped the price – and spread the payments over two payment plan options.

Retrain, launch your business – and start earning within six months or less.

A lot of you might be having to completely rethink your plans, options, career and life path because of Covid-19.

We’ve created this accessible option so you can retrain and launch yourself into a new career if you are having to completely rethink your work options right now.

More than ever people will need help with stress, anxiety and coping with change. Whether you decide to charge £150/hour or do more community-focused work at £35/hour – you can earn a very reasonable income through this training programme.

Helping people cope with stress and anxiety, be free of pain, find hope and connection, rediscover and uncover their strengths and purpose is deeply fulfilling. 

  • If you are at a crossroads with your career
  • If you are a natural helper and everyone turns to you for advice
  • If you are ready to own your own business and become more self-directed
  • You are concerned about the financial burden of retraining
  • You are worried about how to setup a new business

Then this training package is for you.

What we are offering

We have created this training package at a long-term affordable rate based on what you have told us would help you the most to retrain as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist during this uncertain time.

Your chance to retrain as a hypnotherapist: our ‘train now, pay later’ package with all the support features needed to succeed as a remote and in-person therapist.

Fully accredited practitioner training: the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy in either the live webcast or online format

A personalised website – FREE for the first 6 months

Your £195 assessment and qualification fee paid

2 free hours of Business Coaching (worth £200)

✅  6 90-minute marketing webinars

Pay for the package in either 10- or 20-month payment plan 

We’ve put together this new Retrain Package to help you by making it financially viable for you at this time, and to providing all the extra support features you need.

Your own therapy website – free setup and hosting for the first 6 months

We have an arrangement with a leading provider of therapy websites – who will make it extremely easy and quick for you to get a professional website launched, which will display well in Google and be easily editable for ongoing changes and updates.

You will get a 9-page website and customise it with your choice of colours, images and your own content – and change it anytime you want. You will get your own domain name (e.g. “markdavishypnotherapy.co.uk”).

The whole service from setup to domain registration to hosting your website with technical support for six months is entirely free for you.

If you want to keep the website after 6 months it is just £39/quarter ongoing costs (basically £13/month).
(Typical fees for this normally are £400-£500 at least).

The £195 assessment and qualification fee included

This is usually an additional fee as our qualification is externally awarded by the national awarding body NCFE (we don’t print off our own Diplomas) – and so the protocols necessary to complete it are at an additional cost.

We usually don’t include this in the Online Diploma fee as not everyone who starts their Diploma completes the assessment. But as we have designed this package to ensure you have everything you need to qualify and practice successfully, we have included the fee as a bonus for you.

2 free hours of Business Coaching (worth £200) – get supported, advised and coached by those who have already done it

Starting up and succeeding in any business is hard work. And if you have set up a business yourself previously – then you will know the huge benefit of having someone who has done it already available as your coach.

The business coaching is provided by experienced therapists who have all taken the training and have successfully been running their own practice for several years, and since the start of the pandemic have successfully moved their therapy business online.

Each of them is passionate about helping others get their business started. Getting your business started and successful involves hundreds of steps and decisions, especially right now – having a coach at your side is indispensable.

6 90-minute marketing webinars 

This is the second part of our business support part of this package – these webinars are presented by experienced marketers and business coaches who will be giving tips, suggestions, looking at case studies, reviewing websites and taking questions, giving insights and helping you solve your marketing problems.

These will also include panel discussions, and reviews of practice-building services, websites and books you can use. They’re a great way to connect to those in similar situations, get inspired and gain new ideas about your marketing efforts.

Long-term payment plan options

We understand that this is an investment. In order to make the financial side of things easier for you if you are currently unemployed or otherwise struggling financially, we are offering 10-month and 20-month payment plans for the Retrain Packages – depending on the length of time that suits you best.

All payment plans are 0% APR and interest-free.

QUESTION: Is it really possible to train, become qualified and set up my business in six months?

It will be entirely possible for you to complete the training and the assessment, gain the qualification, get insurance, professional membership, have your website up and be seeing paying clients with six months!

You will need to work hard and give 20-30 hours a week to your studies, case study work and setting up your business.
We have actually seen people do this within 4 months.
It really is up to you.

(Alternatively, the training format is incredibly flexible and designed for those who self-study around other work and family commitments. Even if you don’t have 20-30 hours a week to spare, you can certainly get your business up and running before the 20-month mark – and pay back your training costs with your revenue.)

How can I book?

There are a limited number of Retrain Packages available.

While it will not be means-tested you do need to be someone who meets the criteria for the programme.

Please click the button below to fill out the application form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions about booking or any questions about the Retrain Package, please call us directly on 0207 112 9040 or email our Enquires Manager Clare Lonsdale at enquiries@ukhypnosis.com