Training in Hypnotherapy Online – interview with 3 recent graduates

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Some of the best quotes from the webinar!

Juliette Massey Smith, Psychology Teacher

I work full time…but I still had the motivation to make the time to do the course, to come to the practice sessions, to do the assessments. I think it’s important to realise that you don’t have to have a free schedule to get do this because of its versatility. 

And I think it’s a testament to the course. When you’re doing something that you’re interested in, it energises you, so you don’t feel tired. When you do the work, when you read the books, or when you have the endless conversations about it with anyone that will listen! You get into a condition of flow and you’re sucked into it.

And for me being a teacher, I was modelling what we always say to the kids – follow your passion, do what you enjoy. And now I can just be much more authentic as an educator. It’s made my thinking much more flexible, really. 

…I love the toolbox because it instigates a sense of curiosity rather than fixing things. 

A few years ago I did a course…and I found that to be a lot of talking and not enough action. And I found it wasn’t about just thinking and talking. There is thinking, but there is also action. And thinking from lots of different angles. And I think having such a broad set of tools means that we’re not saying this is the silver bullet. We say, let’s explore this. I love the reciprocity that happens in the work that you do.

And there’s one last thing that I would add – in the job that I’m at right now, they were looking only for a part-time teacher. But I’ve got full-time job because of the skills I learnt on the course. They found other things that I can do with them. So I’m working with the kids on coaching, on PSHE, that is personal social health education. I do whole year group sessions on managing stress – all nonclinical, but the there’s a versatility in the skills that we acquire.”

Piero Pirro, Clinical Psychologist

“I wanted to do something that would really give me the tools to work, of course, but also to make a difference.

I’m already a clinical psychologist. The problem is that you get out of the university and you have all of this research and no practice, and that’s the main issue. You really are more of a researcher rather than a practitioner. And in this regard, I can say that, before the college, I think I was very rigid.

You become creative once you practice [the skills from the Diploma]. I practiced it with a rugby player who was really angry and really violent, and he had some difficulties with the law – and within eight sessions, and still today, he thinks he’s a new person. Anger always had conditioned his life, in a way. And now he had a feeling that he could take a hold of his life. Wow. So I mean, it’s really effective. I wouldn’t say it’s easy – you have to practice, practice, practice, and, the results will come. 

In the end, the things that pay off are the flexibility, and the ease of, creating rapport. The ease of building practices, therapies that work for that client. The course was a stepping stone for, I would say, a pivotal change in my career, and in my ability to affect the lives of other people in a therapy session. So, wow!

Finally I found an approach that would give me a comprehensive view of what hypnosis is, is from a scientific point of view. And I was satisfied with what I saw, what I was put in contact with, because, strangely enough, it’s not easy to find that type of information distilled or put together, even for professionals.”

Harriet Curry, Psychology Graduate

“I did my degree in psychology with the intent to go down to counselling psychology route. I’m being honest, I think by the end of my degree, I just didn’t have the confidence to continue because that pathway it’s so competitive. So I decided against it and ended up working in finance. 

I decided by year two in my finance role – okay, I definitely want to do something that will help people. And I stumbled across hypnotherapy. I had my own hypnotherapist and I had this just feeling of: if this person can do it, so can I. So I found the UK College, and loved that it was evidence-based. It’s really helped me or my own mental health…so it was just incredible. I’ve taken two clients so far, they’ve both been really successful. It’s just amazing that it’s something that can help you in your own life and give you a career helping other people.

It’s something that has changed my life, that way of thinking. Reducing the limiting beliefs, having more faith in myself – I absolutely used the tools I learned on the course on myself as well. The personal growth has just been incredible. 

I was working full time and I had to keep my job. So there was no other option for me than to do it online. If the College didn’t offer an online version, I wouldn’t have done this – and I’m so grateful that I was able to do this.”

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