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Workshop: The Scientific Approach to Self-Hypnosis
& An Introduction to Hypnotherapy Training

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This one day workshop serves as both a really solid self-hypnosis workshop AND an introduction to our hypnotherapy training, and is of particular interest to qualified therapists or those looking to train as therapists.  It can be taken as a stand-alone workshop or used as the first day of our certificate or diploma training in hypnotherapy.

This is an ideal way to begin your introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy – approaching hypnosis through self-hypnosis removes many of the myths and mystique – which is why this workshop is the first day of our 21 day Diploma!

You will learn what scientific research actually tells us about the nature of hypnosis.  You will have plenty of opportunity to rehearse using practical techniques of self-hypnosis and autosuggestion.

This workshop also equips you to be better informed about choosing a hypnotherapy training:
a) What is an evidence-based approach?
b) And what does the research say?
c) How to distinguish science-based approaches from pseudoscience?
d) Understanding the placebo response and it’s relationship to hypnosis
e) The FOUR main types of hypnotherapy
f) Why teaching clients self-hypnosis is the way to empower them and demystify hypnosis
g) Why the cognitive-behavioural model of hypnosis is common sense and more acceptable to the general public
h) How you can take the “woo” out of hypnosis but still keep the “wow”!


You will also have a chance to experience our training approach and quality of materials – as well as to meet the trainers for the Certificate and Diploma course.
You can read more about the Self-Hypnosis workshop by click here.