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Hypnosis and Mindfulness for Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year – with Sophie Fletcher

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A Two Day Workshop with Sophie Fletcher

This workshop is not currently running.


Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2016

Understanding the role hypnosis can play on improving perinatal experiences for women and their partners.

Hypnobirthing has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years and as well as an abundance of people teaching it privately some hospitals are working with hypnotherapists to integrate hypnosis into antental care.  Why is this when the evidence is not robust?  This workshop will explore the reasons why hypnosis for birth is so successful, give you an outline into the different types of courses taught, a thorough exploration into techniques (including the intergration with mindfulness), as well as the physiology and psychology of perinatal hypnosis.


The workshop will cover: 

  • the physiology of pregnancy and birth
  • how the NHS ‘processes’ women during pregnancy and birth, understanding other interventions that are offered and what women are likely to expect
  • research that supports psychological approaches to birth
  • the correlations between self-efficacy and better birth outcomes/lower rates of post natal depression/higher rates of breastfeeding
  • beliefs around birth (principally fear), how they are formed, why they matter, how to change them
  • simple techniques for pain management, cue conditioning and environment
  • scripts and techniques for the birth partner (more mindfulness here)
  • building confidence to exercise choice
  • understanding different stages of birth and techniques for those stages
  • preparing for a woman centered Caesarean
  • rapid healing techniques post birth
  •  psychological support structures post birth and where to refer women if needed
  • scripts and techniques for breastfeeding support

About Sophie Fletcher


Sophie Fletcher is the author of the No 1 bestseller Mindful Hypnobirthing (Random House 2014) and has been teaching hypnosis for birth for 10 years. Sophie is the co-founder of Mindful Mamma and a guest lecturer at Nottingham University.