Live webcast training: Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are running both live webcast courses and continuing with our Online Diploma. This page is about the live webcast courses.

We are temporarily holding Diploma courses via live webcast on the dates they were set to be live trainings in London. The course trainers will broadcast directly from their own teaching spaces.

The webcast training courses will follow the same format of the live Diploma courses: 3 stages, each 7 days. This is followed by the completion of a written assessment and three case studies.

If you are concerned about membership with CNHC and NCH, the live webcast meets their requirements for membership. The organisations have changed their requirement for ‘live classroom hours’ to ‘simultaneous electronic presence’ during this time – which the live webcast format achieves.

Features of the live webcast training

  • 1 hour of extra 1-to-1 tutoring with a qualified supervisor per stage (in addition to the three hours included in the Diploma for case study work)
  • There will be online practical sessions facilitated by a course trainer. You will have the chance to break out into pairs online with your fellow trainees to practice the exercises and have a debrief and Q&A with a course trainer afterwards.
  • Access to live business advice webinars in addition to course-focused webinars – these will show you how to use your qualifications to successfully start or build your business.

Upcoming live webcast Diploma dates

We have two upcoming Diploma start dates (Stage 1) that will be held via webcast:

About the Diploma course

As the webcast courses will be equivalent to those we have been running live in a classroom since 2003, you can read information about the course curriculum and format on our main Diploma information page here.   

Online Diploma course option

As well as running live webinar courses during this time, we are continuing with the online version of Diploma. This too is equivalent to the live training course, but with the Online Diploma you will learn from edited course footage (rather than the live webcast teaching). For more information about the online course, click here.