Marion Bailey

News Release: Self-hypnosis for children – skill for the future

We’re really excited to announce that our press piece about our project with Great Ormond Street Hospital was released today! Read the news release below… A new hypnosis training programme for hospital psychologists and psychotherapists working with children reaches completion this week. Having learned the skills of using hypnosis techniques with children, these paediatric specialists […]

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Why we are not sleeping at this time

In recent times, a lot of us have been experiencing difficulty sleeping – waking up a lot, waking up early or having poor quality sleep. It’s no surprise our sleep has been disrupted – the way we operate on a day to day basis has completely shifted. We’re going through massive changes in the way […]

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What our current trainees think about the Online Diploma

We spoke to some of our current trainees taking the online version of the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to hear about how they’re finding the online course. We’ve had two intakes since we launched in November last year, and we now have people learning the Hypno-CBT® approach in New Zealand, Finland and Malaysia! Whether […]

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