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Our latest events for members of our Hypno-CBT® Professional Membership Hub.

As part of our membership hub we have a digital platform where those in training, those who’ve trained and also those who have qualified can access the entire diploma, receive ongoing support, guidance and inspiration as well as special services as part of a professional community.

Weekly Practise Sessions

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Monthly Business Sessions

Next session: 14th July 5-7pm
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Treatment Planning Sessions

During these session you’ll work in a small group of 3 or 4 students, reviewing a case study and as a group designing a treatment plan.

These sessions are a great opportunity to learn from your peers and receive constructive feedback from a course teacher.

Next session: 1st August 7.30pm
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Louise Coyle
Shelley Cushway
Mark Austin

Monthly Business Coaching

Next session: 6th August 12:30pm – booking link available shortly
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Watch and Discuss Sessions

Lindsay Traill
Rachel Clarke
Chris People
Harriet Curry

Social Media Audit

Next session: 18th July 9:30am
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Assessment Q&A Sessions

Louise and Tim are also available to answer your assessment related questions during the Practise Session that they lead. Visit the Practise Session page here to book your place.

Louise Coyle
Tim Grimwade
Shelley Cushway
Mark Davis

Open Floor Q&A

Next session: 10th July 8am
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Upcoming Live Workshops

Daniel Mirea
Daniel Mirea

Assessment and Conceptualisation in CBT

with Daniel Mirea, MSc, BABCP
12th July 2024

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Dr Donald Meichenbaum

Getting Better Results: Core Tasks and Skills of Expert Psychotherapists

Dr Donald Meichenbaum PhD
2nd July 2024

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Digital Workshops with Mark Davis

CBH for Insomnia This 1-day workshop will provide sound basic training
in treating clients presenting with insomnia and sleeplessness issues
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CBH for Smoking CessationWe’ve been teaching therapists how to do evidence-based smoking cessation for over 14 years.Read More
Self HypnosisThe ideal way to begin your introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy – self-hypnosis removes many of the myths and mystique (which is why this workshop is the first day of our 21 day Diploma!)Read More

Digital Workshops with Daniel Mirea

CBT for PerfectionismLearn how to treat perfectionism, a hidden difficulty often masked by a commitment to success or high achievement – yet often a complex anxiety trap.Read More
CBT Assessment & Case ConceptualisationEffective assessment and case formulation is not only the starting point but the heart of the treatment plan in CBT and CBH.Read More
CBT for Changing Addictive BehavioursLearn to integrate the latest evidence-based technologies in the treatment of addictive behaviours,Read More
Integrative CBT for DepressionThis workshop will cover an integrative approach (CBT, mindfullness, hypnosis) to treating depression and low mood.Read More
CBT for Low Self-Esteem Low self-esteem requires a creative, comprehensive approach tp treat varied symptoms across both the depression and anxiety spectrums.Read More
CBT for Panic DisorderLearning to assess for and treat ‘panic attack anxiety’ (fear of anxiety sensations) is an absolutely critical skill for anyone working with anxiety and stress.Read More
CBT for PTSD & TraumaLearn a range of tailor-made strategies for trauma that include clinical, relational, humanistic and systemic skills and interventionsRead More

Digital Workshops with Donald Meichenbaum

Treating PTSD – and the Keys to ResilienceWe are delighted and honoured to be hosting this workshop from one of the most eminent living psychologists on the treatment of PTSD.Read More

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