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Smoking Cessation Workshop  (Multi-Component, Evidence-Based Approach: CBT Skills + Hypnosis)

“Excellent workshop. I'd thoroughly recommend to any hypnotherapist who wants to create a thorough, bespoke smoking cessation package to enhance their offering to clients – taught with knowledge and generosity by Mark.”

Rowanne Mackie, psychotherapist

In this short video Mark Davis, Director and Lead Trainer, explains what is included in the Smoking Cessation Masterclass Workshop:

Who should attend this workshop?

Are you interested in helping people to stop smoking? We’ve been teaching therapists how to do smoking cessation for over 14 years now and our smoking cessation 2-day masterclass has developed a reputation for excellence, due in part to the emphasis we place on simple, no-nonsense, evidence-based approaches derived from the mainstream clinical and research literature in the fields of CBT and hypnotherapy.

Each year the course is refined and developed. This course is open to all qualified hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy students in training.

Why attend?

Every student receives a comprehensive and carefully-developed 100-page course manual, with detailed information on smoking cessation gleaned from the clinical research and our many years of successful clinical practice and experience training in this area. You will also receive a certificate of attendance; our previous students tell us that stating on your website that you have completed an advanced specialist training in smoking cessation, in addition to your core practitioner training, is bound to attract more clients who want to quit smoking. You will also be eligible for registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register’s Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST).

Highlights of the Smoking Cessation CPD workshop include:

  • Smoking Cessation Assessment  (e.g. measuring nicotine dependency, “habit strength”, etc)
  • The CBH “conceptualisation” (the vicious circle of smoking)
  • How to plan the session (treatment planning)
  • A big “toolbox” of evidence-based techniques
  • Scripts, forms, handouts and much more
  • Key information that optimises results (e.g. which is the best day of the week for smokers to quit!)
  • Secrets for delivering effective 2 hour stop smoking cessation session
  • Tips, guidelines, techniques and approaches that you can apply to general habit change, reducing alcohol intake, addictions etc.
  • Guidance on launching and marketing your service
  • Access to the Smoking Cessation Online Resources (full videos of the workshop you can view again, forms, scripts and additional articles)

Who is the trainer?

Mark R. Davis, BSc. Psy & Phil, Dip CBH
– College Principal and Lead Trainer

Mark is a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist with a practice in Central and North London. Mark trained in cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy at The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy with Donald Robertson back in 2006 and has had a full time practice since 2007. He has a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (Dip. Hyp.) and a Dual Honours Degree in Pyschology and Philosophy from Sheffield University. He is also the Chairman of the Register of Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Mark has specialised in smoking cessation since 2007. With 10 years of experience and having helped over 300 clients quit smoking, Mark has extensive experience and a deep passion for helping people quit permanently and become “happy, healthy non-smokers”.

Mark R. Davis, BSc (Psychology & Philosophy), Dip, CBH, REBHP Chairman

Our course is affiliated with the CRSST

The Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists is an official directory which operates as a resource for those who are seeking to liberate themselves from the smoking habit by non-pharmaceutical methods. All practitioners listed within the Register have provided suitable evidence of their ability within the area of smoking cessation.

What people have to say about the workshop

“The exercises were very helpful, presentations were excellent, materials provided were excellent.”

Mentwab Wuhib, Chartered Psychologist

“Relevant and workable. Really powerful and inspiring, so powerful I gave up smoking myself!”

Sallie Mitchell Floyed, hypnotherapist

“Without reservation… an excellent workshop! Good use of statistics around health impact. I'd strongly recommend this to anyone with an interest in smoking cessation programmes.”

Kevan Laybourn, Emergency Care Practitioner

“A great evidence-based course. I feel very able to formulate and deliver my own highly effective smoking cessation programme.”

Colin Jones, Executive Coach & Consultant

“I liked the integration of different components to address a difficult to treat and serious behavioural problem.”

Dr Anthony Dimech, Consultant Psychiatrist and addiction specialist

Book now

You can take this workshop via live webcast or take it anytime you want as an online workshop (pre-recorded).

Live Webcast (Zoom) Smoking Cessation Masterclass: £325

The dates for 2024 will be announced shortly.

Online Smoking Cessation MasterClass (Pre-Recorded): £270

The Online Workshop is a recording of the live workshop with Mark Davis – it includes access to all the MasterClass forms, scripts, manual and powerpoints. Plus links to additional articles and audio downloads of the lectures.

Smoking Articles from our UK Hypnosis Blog

The Smoking Cessation Market: How large is the market for smoking cessation services?

An article that looks at the number of smokers in the UK and how many really want to quit. Some examples of “ready to quit” population within a given driving radius and what you can charge.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation: What Works and What Doesn’t

This short article discusses the wide variation in results from hypnosis for smoking cessation and the inadequacy of scripted direct suggestion and hypnotic age regression methods compared to multi-component approaches, i.e., cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.