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You can take the our Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (Hypno-CBT®) in different formats.

Click on the links below to read about each format and option
Read more about the Diploma in Hypno-CBT® and the content/curriculum here


  • 7 days in the classroom for each stage
  • Course venue in London



  • Live webcasts held by trainers
  • Webcasts take place on set dates
  • 7 days for each stage

Online with Tutor

  • Study edited course footage at your own pace
  • 15 hours of 1-to-1 tutoring

Blended Learning

  • Customise your learning experience to suit you
  • A mix of Webcast and Online training

Diploma by Live Stream Webcast

This is a live broadcast (using Zoom). In 21 days from 10am to 6pm you are taken on an intensive training journey that will leave transformed in personally and in terms of knowledge, understanding and practical skills. We describe this as “bootcamp training” – with a fellow group of students you learn in highly focused 7-day training blocks. Generally people choose to do these quickly, one after the other. Stage 1 > Stage 2 > Stage 3, and this is known as the “Fast-Track Webcast”, and often is completed in just 6-8 weeks.
Alternatively you can take the Live Stream Webcast on a series of date of your choosing – perhaps spread out over 12 months.
The Live Stream Webcast is suitable for those of you who can be available 10am to 6pm for 21 days, who like to study in a group and who perhaps know you may not have the regular discipline of self-study.

Online Diploma

This is a “Flipped Classroom” educational design model – where instead of sitting in live lectures – you watch the lectures on your own time, in your home, on your schedule (and re-watch them if you want). Then you attend one to one tutoring (15 x 1 hour session) where you can have engaged discussions, Q&A and explore topics in more depth with your tutor. For the practical component (which makes up nearly 50% of our live stream webcast training) – you join Online Practise Sessions which are held up to 4x per week at various time slots. Here are trained Supervisor pairs you up with someone and you are “zoomed off” into a virtual therapy room where you practise the scripts and therapy methods – both as client and as therapist.
The Online Diploma is a highly time flexible, geographically flexible model that allows you to study, train and qualify without having to take any time off work.
This format is more suited to those who cannot take the time off work, prefer to study lectures on their own, have the motivation and commitment to study on their own and enjoy the more in depth discussions with a personal tutor.

Blended Options (mix of Webcast and Online)

This where you can choose to do one Stage by Live Stream Webcast and another Online. This is suitable for those who would like that mix of experience, or who would really like to take the Live Stream Webcast but cannot make all the dates work.

Self-Led Diploma

This option is for those who do not want to gain a qualification and simply want to access the recordings of the lectures and the digital materials.

Conversion Course route for Hypnotherapists

This option is for those who have already trained and are fully qualified in hypnotherapists in practice – but who wish to study the cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy approach.

Stage 1 Certificate Only

This is for those who only want to take the Certificate in Evidence Based Hypnosis (Stage 1) – possibly as a way to try out the training or if you are already a medical or mental health professional and want good training in basic hypnosis methods, suggestions therapy and pain control.