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Online Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Training Course

This is the full online version of our renowned 21 day Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.
This online hypnotherapy course is designed as a full hypnotherapy training that’s equivalent to the current classroom training.

online hypnotherapy course

Unique Features of the Online Hypnotherapy Course

  • Extensive one-to-one tutoring (15 hours)
  • Blended Learning (ability to choose to attend some of the classroom training)
  • Same assessment and qualification as the classroom training (externally awarded Level 4 Diploma)
  • Alternative but equivalent professional registration options (to be announced shortly)

Our team of trainers have carefully designed this online hypnotherapy training to be as close as possible to the classroom training.
In particular the College wants to be assured that those who train online are just as skilled, knowledgeable and competent as those who have taken the classroom training.  We want to be confident that those taking the online hypnotherapy diploma are able to practice safely and effectively as hypnotherapists.

In order to make the online training as engaging and effective as the live training we have introduced extensive one-to-one tutoring, a total of 15 hours personal tutoring. This typically provides MORE personal tutor contact time than in the classroom training.

Extensive one-to-one online tutoring (15 hours)

Your tutor will work with you to:
– agree your objectives and aims for the training
– design a plan to help you achieve those objectives
– check your learning after each module
– answer questions
– give you practical assignments (often hypnotherapy to be done with volunteers  – which you are to record by audio or video)
– review with you your audio-video recordings of your practice sessions
– provide detailed feedback, advice and encouragement

All tutors have taken the Diploma training and have received the qualification. They are all in practice as Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapists.
All online hypnotherapy course tutors have all been personally selected by Mark R. Davis, the College Principal.

online hypnotherapy training

Read more about the Diploma training programme here.

Full list of online hypnotherapy course features

Videos of the live training – edited into discreet modules.
Additional demonstration videos.
Downloadable audios of all lectures.
Full course manuals.
Extensive one-to-one tutoring (15 hours).
Course powerpoints to support each module.
Additional materials.
All courses exercises and practicals.
Advice on getting insurance and volunteers to practice with.


By taking this online hypnotherapy course, and completing the required Case Studies and Written Assessment, you will receive exactly the same qualification as the live classroom training: our Level 4 Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy – verified and awarded by a government regulated qualification accreditation organisation, NCFE.

This training course is also approved by The British Psychological Society Learning Centre – as appropriate CPD (continuing professional development) for registered psychologists.

The course is accredited by two professional hypnotherapy organisations, ACCPH and REBHP.

By the completing the training and assessment you will be a fully registered  hypnotherapist with an accredited and recognised qualification. You will be able to get insurance and open a practice!
[Note: the online training course does NOT meet the requirements for CNHC membership due to CNHC’s rigid and restrictive requirement of 120 classroom hours training.  As very experienced trainers and educators (we’ve run our Diploma more than thirty times), who are careful and circumspect in our training of new therapists we believe our online training programme as key innovative elements that address the somewhat archaic requirements to be in a classroom for 120 hours].

online hypnotherapy training course qualification

Online Hypnotherapy Diploma Accreditation

online hypnotherapy course accreditation
Online Hypnotherapy Course: Accredited at Level 4 by ACCPH

Fees: to be decided

Launch date: mid-October 2019

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