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Become an accredited, effective hypnotherapist
– training at home, at your own pace!

Are you looking for a new career that is more in line with your life values?

Or looking for a way to expand your existing practice and create deeper client change?

The Online Diploma is a full practitioner qualification that will give you the accreditation, hypnotherapy certification and skillset to start practicing as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist – and the freedom to train entirely at your own pace.

Carefully designed to be equivalent to live “classroom” hypnotherapy training

As experienced adult education college we designed the Online Diploma to embrace modern “Flipped Classroom” learning. This means that instead of sitting in the lecture room with the lecturer. You watch the lecture in your own time and then “in the classroom” time is spent with questions and answers, engaged discussion, practical exercises and feedback. This is most flexible and optimal way to use your time and the contact time with a trained tutor. The Online Diploma is designed to take learners on a journey that will result in them being just as skilled, knowledgeable and competent as those who have taken a classroom training; and most importantly are able to practice safely and effectively as professional fully accredited hypnotherapists.

Mark Davis explains the key features of the Online Diploma format in this 8 minute video.

“I was working full time and I had to keep my job. If the College didn’t offer an online format of the Diploma, I wouldn’t have done this – and I’m so grateful that I was able to do this. It's something that has changed my life.”

Harriet Curry – Online Diploma graduate, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist (heotherapy.com)
Online hypnotherapy certification course

Key Feature 1:
15 hours of one-to-one tutoring

In order to make our online hypnotherapy training as engaging and effective as the live training, we have introduced extensive one-to-one tutoring – a total of 15 hours (worth over £900).

This provides MORE personal tutor one-to-one contact time than in the actual classroom training.

All online hypnotherapy course tutors are in practice as registered Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapists, they have all taken the Diploma training and received the qualification.

Each course tutor has been personally selected by Mark R. Davis, the College Principal, and have taken our special Hypno-CBT® Supervision Training, plus an additional training in how to coach learners through our programme and curriculum.

Key Feature 2:
FREE Supervised Practise Sessions
4x per week – Unlimited for 12 months

Nearly 50% of our training programme involves practical exercises in pairs – acting as therapist with a client or being a client and receiving therapy.

To support you we run Online Practise Sessions (over Zoom) where you are paired up with another student and each of you can practise the particular script or exercise from the course. You have time to discuss and debrief with each other.

All Online Practise Sessions are supervised and run by one of our experienced Tutor Supervisors. They are available to answer questions, provide guidance and will observe your practical work.

Online Practise Sessions are available at multiple varied time slots during the week, evenings and weekend. They run for 2 hours and are held four times a week, giving you access to over 400 hours of supervised practise sessions for your professional development.

You are required to attend a minimum number 0f two hour practise sessions. They are all free and included in your course fee.

Key Feature 3:
Level 5 Higher Diploma
Full Membership of NCIP upon qualifying

Uniquely in the field of hypnotherapy training our students have the option to qualify with a Level 5 Higher Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (there is also a Level 4 Diploma available too). Both qualifications are accredited and awarded by NCFE, a government regulated national awarding organisation.

Level 5 is the entry level qualification for professional counselling and psychotherapy. Level 4 is the entry level qualification for hypnotherapy.

The National Council of Psychotherapists (NCIP) have accredited the Level 5 Higher Diploma – and you will be able to automatically join as a full member of NCIP once you qualify. Free student membership of NCIP is included for all learners taking the Diploma in CBH.

In this short video Mark Davis, Director and Lead Trainer, answers five common questions about the Online Diploma Practitioner Training:


This training will lead either to the Level 4 Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy or the Level 5 Higher Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. Both are NCFE Customised Qualifications.
We strongly encourage learners to choose the Level 5 Higher Diploma as this will expand their range of future options and also offer full membership of The National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (for their hypnotherapy certification)

In addition to the opportunity join NCIP there are several Professional Membership options including: ACCPH, REBHP and FHT – all whom accept the Online Diploma and either the Level 4 or Level 5 qualification. The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is the largest register of complementary therapists in the UK

Our Diploma training programme is accredited by NCIP.
All students enrolled on the Diploma will receive free student membership of NCIP (The National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists).
Upon obtaining the Level 5 Higher Diploma you will be able to join NCIP as a full member.- leading to hypnotherapy certification.

Online hypnosis course approved by The British Psychological Society

NOTE: This is a full practitioner training pathway – you will be able to join professional organisations, get insurance and open a professional hypnotherapy practice once you have your qualification.
Some organisations, such as GHR or NCH, require you complete additional “contact hours” via additional courses, workshops and practise sessions, to make your contact hours up to 120 hours in total. Please note that membership of these organisations is not required in order to be a successful hypnotherapist.
Please please see our dedicated page on this here.

Full list of Online Diploma Course features

  • 100 hours of video of the live training – edited as short video modules
  • All videos are captioned/subtitled to enhance learning
  • Additional special demonstration videos + downloadable mp3 audios of all lectures
  • Three digital course manuals – over 900 pages! (or printed manuals on request at a fee)
  • Over 1200 digital PowerPoint slides to support each module (or printed on request at a fee)
  • 15 hours of one-to-one personal tutoring and coaching
  • 12 months of unlimited free online practise sessions (with a trainer present)
  • Automatically join NCIP as a full member when you qualify at Level 5!
  • Online Practise Sessions now offered 4x per week!
  • All courses exercises and practicals, scripts and forms
  • Free student membership of NCIP (National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists)
  • Leads to hypnotherapy certification as a practitioner and a Level 5 Higher Diploma in Hypno-CBT®
  • Advice on getting insurance and volunteers to practice with
  • Advice & support in starting your new business
  • Receive 12 months free membership to the
    Hypno-CBT® Professional Membership Hub
    giving you access to additional webinars,
    tutor-led workshops,
    Psychotherapy.net videos and more. For full
    benefits click here

Getting Started and Business Support

Many people are rightly somewhat nervous about setting themselves up in private practice.
Should you register for VAT? How do you register as self-employed? What to call the website? How to setup and optimise a website? How much to charge? Cancellation and Refund policies?
And the all important question of how to find clients for your new business venture.
We have put together a wide range of supportive resources – so you are not left hanging at the end of your training.
You will know exactly what steps to take and how to setup a successful practice.
We provide:

  • A focus throughout the training on setting up in private practice – keeping your eye on the goal, envisioning your success
  • A detailed A to Z of Next Steps to take once you have completed the training
  • Business advice and practical tips from your tutor
  • Marketing and business support events in the Hypno-CBT® Professional Hub
  • Business support articles, books and resources in the Hypno-CBT® Professional Hub
  • FREE Walk in Business Surgery sessions with professional business coach Mark Austin
  • Marketing and Business Coaching courses to get started and accelerate your private practice.

A complete and in-depth course in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, exceptionally researched, presented and taught by enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutors (who are professional therapists in their own right), which can be studied at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, yet coupled with all the support you could ever need.

Simon Beckman – Online Diploma trainee, Coach and Global IT Business Partner

The online hypnotherapy course platform is very well organised and my regular tutorials online have been amazing as my course tutor is really supportive. The course involves being paired up with a professional in the field of hypnotherapy and this has been a great asset in aiding my learning. The course is well structured and demanding and so far I feel like I am taking massive strides in my knowledge and proficiency as a future Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

Ryan Maxwell – Online Diploma trainee, Teacher and Therapist (NLP and EFT Practitioner)

Course duration

You are enrolled as a student for 12 months and will have 1 year to complete the online course.  

Completion of the course involves:

  • listening to each of the lesson videos
  • completion of the exercises and gaining feedback from your volunteers
  • For the full Online Diploma: completion of coaching and supervision hours
  • For the full Online Diploma: completion of the assessment questions and case studies

There are approximately 100 hours of video footage included in the online training. Your full 12 months access will allow you to revisit all videos and materials as often as you wish, for revision and familiarity. The training, case studies and written assessment will take in total between 300-450 hours. We recommend you allocate 350 hours to finish gain the qualification and hypnotherapy certification.

If you have been unable to complete the online training within the 1-year timeline it is possible to apply for an extension.  Extensions are chargeable – you can see the full information about extension costs and course completion here. 

study hypnotherapy online - hypnotherapy certification

Shipping the printed course materials

All online and webcast students will receive the PowerPoints and Course Manuals digitally. If you would like to receive printed materials you will have an opportunity to select this when you complete your Student Registration Form. Please note, there is a fee for printed materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Online Diploma

See our dedicated page of FAQs about the Diploma in the Online format here.

The Self-Led Training option

As well as the full Online Diploma we have a Self-Led Training option, suitable for those who do not wish to take a full practitioner training (you can upgrade to the Online Diploma at any time). Read more here.

Book the Online Diploma

We have Online Diploma intake start dates on the 1st of every month.
Learn hypnotherapy online, in your home, at your own pace – with extensive personal support and coaching.

Become an effective, accredited
Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

Do you want a mix of Webcast and Online Stages?

We offer a “Blended Format” option where you can take, for example, Stage 1 by Webcast and Stage 2 Online and Stage 3 by Webcast – or any combination – and still get hypnotherapy certification

Distance Learning Hypnotherapy and Online Hypnotherapy Certification!

Study hypnotherapy online at home at your own pace.

A full online hypnosis course that is tailored around your schedule and your life!