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For the past year, we have been developing a digital platform where those in training, those who’ve trained and also those who have qualified can access the entire diploma, receive ongoing support, guidance and inspiration as well as special services as part of a professional community.

Free Membership Trial Periods

  • From September 2021 onwards all new students will have to sign up to the Hypno-CBT® Professional Membership Hub (and will receive a free 12 month student membership).
  • All former students and all alumni will have a 1 month free membership period.
  • All students who are within 12 months of starting can apply to join for free for the remaining period up to 12 months since they started (e.g. if you started in August 2021 – and you apply in Feb 2022 you have 6 months remaining free membership that you can apply for).

    Membership rates:
    £19.99/month  or £195/year (save 20%)

How to Join

Existing Students

If you are still studying (in your first 12 months since starting Stage 1) – then you can apply for free membership for the number of months remaining in your first year.
Please email to get your special invitation to join!

New Students

If you are a new student you should have been invited to sign up as you were purchasing you Diploma.

If you need a new invitation please email membership@donaldr

If you do not join will be losing some of the free 12 months membership.
Note: there is essential course content in the professional membership hub

Former students and alumni

All former students and alumni receive a free trial period of 1 month.

Please email to get your invitation to join!

Key features and benefits

1/ FULL Online Diploma Access

You will get access to:

  • Over 100 hours of videos – broken into short individual modules, making it easy to find an isolated concept or lesson you want to go over 
  • Special additional videos of demonstrations and lectures from Mark
  • Audio downloads of each lecture which you can listen to like podcasts when you’re out and about
  • Discussion threads on each lecture
  • Audio downloads of all group exercises (Leaves on the Stream etc)
  • ALL videos are now fully captioned

2/ Library of videos
— study and learn with the experts! 

Access to the video platform — all the videos we use on the Diploma plus several more

Each month 2-3 new videos are released into your library — building to a library of 16 professional therapy training videos which will rotate meaning you constantly have new content to watch!

3/ Watch & Discuss Sessions
– watch and discuss therapy videos

Using videos of expert therapists from the Psychotherapy.Net library – and similar to the discussions on the diploma training – these Watch & Discuss Sessions will be 2-3 hours sessions where small groups can watch, pause and discuss what’s happening in these sessions, the impact it’s having and the take home messages, helping you develop your skills and become a more effective therapist — all facilitated and led by one of the College trainers or supervisors.
An amazing way to learn and deepen your knowledge and awareness.

4/ Therapy Toolkits

  • Toolkits on how to work with a specific issue – from approach and assessment questions to treatment planning, scripts, clinical tips and guidance. 
  • See exactly how to apply what we covered on the Diploma applied to specific issues e.g. phobias, habit change… the list goes on!
  • Supports you whilst you make the transition between being a CBH student and becoming a confident and effective therapist — making your first year of therapy MUCH easier!

5/  10% Discount on workshops and courses run by the College

  • 10% off any subsequent course booked with the College

6/ Live Special Topic webinars – free for members!

  • Normally £15-£25 but FREE for members
  • Will cover a range of key special topics  e.g  weight loss with Celia Griver, Viktor Frankl’s logo therapy series with Professor David Attard, Science of Hypnosis with Adam Eason

7/ Full access to the online version of any workshops you have taken with the college

  • Instead of paying extra for dual access you’ll get it for FREE!

8/ Monthly Q&A with Mark R. Davis

  • ONLY available to members
  • 75-90 minute session where you can ask anything!

9/ Walk in Business Surgery with Mark Austin

  • FREE for members, £25 for non-members
  • No non-sense, transformational sessions where Mark Austin, an experienced business coach will help you get clear on your business plan and actions!
  • Each session 4-5 people get “in the hot seat” and work on their specific business problems with Mark

10/ Assessment support sessions

  • Free for members, £25 for non-members 
  • Join live zoom sessions and work through assessment questions with fellow students and receive guidance/feedback from a teacher
  • Ask questions on a live chat session — you may be unsure about the process, wish to qualify the overall intent of a question or query your understanding.  These are quick, accessible and designed to set you on the right path in the shortest amount of time

11/  Webinar archive

Archive of all the webinars with Mark and guests, some include:

  • IBS with Dr Rabia
  • Showbiz and Hypnosis with Christopher Green
  • Myth and Existentialism with David Attard and Philip Maketrewicz

12/  Unlimited free practise sessions!

13/  Interactive Facebook-style feed in the community forum

14/ Scripts & forms resource library
– both from the Diploma) PLUS extra scripts & forms library

  • All scripts and forms from the Diploma as individual WORD documents that you can download and edit
  • Plus additional scripts that we have written or from different sources!

15/ Extensions to Assessments included

16/ Private messaging

  • Ability to private message one person or create group chats to stay connected with friends you made on the course 

17/ Available as an app so you can stay connected wherever you go 

Features / Benefits coming soon!

Book Recommendations & Reviews 

Access to special topic discussion threads

Professional Special Interest Groups
(e.g. on Insomnia, Smoking Cessation etc

Hypno-CBT® License & Hypno-CBT® Logo
Only available to members with the qualification (Dip CBH)

FREE REBHP Membership

Professional Directory Listing (REBHP, Hypno-CBT®)

Enhanced Student Support
Guidance on assessments and how to keep motivated to compete

  • How to structure assessment questions….
  • Examples of mistakes not to make!
  • How to reference

We hope you make use of the features and benefits of the Professional Membership Hub.

If you have any suggestions or questions please contact us at