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Please note: in order to receive your qualification you will need to pay a £144 assessment fee, You can pay that here.


 Stress Management and Resilience Building Live Webcast Training 2024:
Monday 20th May to Saturday 25th May 2024
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Gain the stress management skill set and certification needed to deliver group workshops
and enhance your work with individual clients!

  • Learn an extensive, powerful toolkit of evidence-based techniques, strategies and interventions for stress management to deliver in both individual and group settings 
  • Obtain a Certificate in Stress Management and Resilience Building and the post-nominals Cert. SMRB.
  • If you have already completed your Diploma in CBH, you will receive a SMRB Diploma (post-nominals Dip. SMRB)
  • Gain the skill set and qualification needed to deliver group workshops in a range of settings: educational or corporate sectors, or the private sector – local organisations, clubs, online networks and communities

This is the course for you if you are:

A therapist or coach

This course and qualification will allow you to work more effectively with individual clients suffering from a wide range of stress-related issues and to expand your practice into Stress Management and run workshops for groups of people. Facilitating workshops in this way can be a very rewarding part of your career as a therapist/coach, as it provides a sense of balance to working with individual clients and gives you the unique opportunity to be creative in your therapeutic reach.

A HR Professional or similar

As an evidence-based stress management course, the training will provide you with a strong foundation and the certification you need to help employees with stress management and resilience building. Design, pitch and deliver tailored workshops in the workplace.

Transitioning from an unrelated background

If you are from an unrelated background and would like to transition into stress management work, this qualification will equip you to deliver specialised workshops in your chosen sector – whether that is the educational, corporate, or private sector (local organisations, clubs, etc), or a range of online networks and communities.

Concepts, theories, approaches & techniques

The concepts and techniques taught on this course are based on experimental and clinical research. All theories and techniques taught in our courses are “science-based” – based upon scientific principles.

That means: no pseudoscience and no “woo”!

As always, our courses are based on respected clinical textbooks as well as deep personal experience of working with stress and resilience building.

Our reputation and core principles are founded on teaching from a strong evidence-base and well respected clinical textbooks.

This course is recognised by the International Stress Management Association

What you will gain from this training:

  • Learn how to work effectively with clients suffering from a wide range of stress related issues
  • Learn how to design and deliver stress management training in the workplace
  • Understand the stress management approach
  • Assess your client's stress response and their triggers and symptoms
  • Design treatment plans and exercises to calm the body and mind – and then build well-being and resilience.
  • Understand both the physiology and neuroscience of stress. Firstly how to assess and work at the level of physiological stress response, and secondly, and how to take advantage of principles of neuroplasticity to create deep, lasting change.
  • Understand the psychology of stress, especially how to assess and work at the level of psychological factors increasing or maintaining a maladaptive stress response.
  • Build your core knowledge and an extensive, powerful toolkit of techniques, strategies and interventions to your client therapy sessions and their journey back to health and resilient well-being.
  • Design a stress management workshop for your chosen sector!


  • A course manual with all powerpoints, forms, scripts and handouts.
  • Access to online resource area (if you are part of the Membership Hub)
  • 1 hour of 1-to-1 personal tutoring/coaching as a follow-up to the course
  • Additional mentoring/coaching available for purchase if required (e.g. for those delivering workplace interventions, training and workshops)

Course trainers

Shelley Cushway Dip CBH, Dip I Hyp Nlp

Shelley's background includes 30 years experience in Human Resources and Recruitment. After Shelley decided to move away from corporate work, she completed training in: Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP), Mindfulness and Meditation and Mindfulness at Work, as well as formalising her coaching experience by studying with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Shelley balances her time between running her private practice, teaching and coaching for the UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy and running corporate workshops focusing on stress management and wellbeing.

Sue Sawyer, BA (Hons), Dip CBH

Sue is an Experienced Trainer and Qualified CBT Hypnotherapist & Master Practitioner of NLP and has delivered many training programmes on Personal Development & Effective Communication. Sue also runs a Private Clinic as a Coach and Therapist.

Originally trained as an Actress and successfully worked in The West End, Sue merged her communication and presentation skills mastered on the stage into business across Managerial Roles, Training & Recruitment and Customer Services. For the last nineteen years Sue has run a complementary private clinic using a holistic approach to health and wellbeing with particular attention to anxiety, unresolved emotional conflict, fear and stress management.

What people have to say about the course

“This course comes highly recommended for a reason. I feel more capable of raising awareness of the effects of stress and implementing proven strategies for coping and thriving in life and work as a
result of my attendance. The content is thorough and delivered really well, I loved it , thank you.”

Simon Bradbury

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The content was excellent and the tutors were, as always, first
class. I feel equipped with a comprehensive knowledge around stress and the many ways to help
manage it.”

Deva Chellun

“Thank you to Shelley, Sue and all the presenters of the SMRB course – I've added to my existing
knowledge and skills and feel I now have so much more in my toolkit to help my clients.”

Fiona Schluttenhofer

“A fantastic course which will give you all the knowledge you need to be able to run workshops in the areas of stress and resilience. As you would expect from the college, the course is completely
evidence based and a great mixture of theory and practical exercises. The trainers are brilliant –
friendly, approachable and very generous in sharing their own experiences.”

Amy Moss

“This course will certainly help me to improve the life of others with the many tools and techniques. It has helped me personally not just to deal with times of stress but to take a fresh look at the day to
day stuff that I'd just ended up putting up with though habit. Even though it is titled ‘Stress
Management and Resilience Building' the application is wide. The approaches could be tied into
workshops which include topics such as Relaxation, Creativity, Communication, Values, Mindfulness.”

Chris Walton

“This course gives a SOLID evidence based foundation in how to manage stress and build resilience
skills both working with 1-1 clients and teaching workshops in a practical manner, the experience is
second to none with the college just as I’d expect.”

Danielle M

“This is really enjoyable course. I loved the format and what we learnt. The presenters are incredible – hugely knowledgeable and personable. I would recommend this course to anyone who want to work in the area of stress management and resilience or to anyone who just wants to learn more about this field.”

Diana Dawson

Source material for this course

  • Build your Resilience (2012) by Donald J. Robertson – core textbook
  • The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, 6th Edition (2008) by Davis, Eshelman & McKay – core textbook

Suggested additional reading:

  • A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of Human Stress Response – 2nd Edition – Everly & Lating
  • Principles and Practices of Stress Management – by Lehrer, Woolfolk & Time (forward by David Barlow)
  • The American Psychological Association: Road to Resilience
  • Stress Inoculation Training by Donald Meichenbaum

Please note: the core text books are required as part of the course, these are not included


Learn well-established, evidence-based techniques for calming the body and mind in an increasingly overstimulated world.

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Please note: in order to receive your qualification you will need to pay a £144 assessment fee, You can pay that here.


 Stress Management and Resilience Building Live Webcast Training 2024:
Monday 20th May to Saturday 25th May 2024
FREE One Day Digital Workshop Included


What’s the difference between the Online and Webcast formats?

The main difference between the Webcast and Online formats is that you can take the Online Workshops entirely at your own pace – whereas you will attend Webcast Workshops on set dates. Other than that, the workshop content, materials and certification is equivalent across both formats,