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Hypnotherapy Diploma Accreditation & Approval


Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (Dip CBH)

– Accredited by NCH, GHR, REBHP, NCFE

– Approved by the British Psychological Society

Our complete hypnotherapy diploma training programme, comprising of three stages (Stage1, Stage 2 & Stage 3) plus home study (and a written assessment), is approved by the following organisations:

  • The British Psychological Society
  • The National Council of Hypnotherapy
  • The General Hypnotherapy Register
  • The Register for Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
  • NCFE (National Awarding Body)

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This is the only externally verified hypnotherapy diploma training course approved by The British Psychological Society Learning Centre as CPD for registered psychologists, and externally verified by a government regulated national examining body (NCFE).





“Externally verified” means that we don’t print off our own diplomas. (Unfortunately many training schools do!) The Diploma is awarded and verified by NCFE, a government regulated examining and awarding body. Please see our latest external verification report from NCFE here.

The Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is a customised award developed in collaboration with NCFE. It is not used by another training organisation. NCFE have verified the award as being equivalent to NVQ Level 4.

The only other hypnotherapy diploma that is externally verified is the HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma) which is offered via the National Council of Hypnotherapy.
As we did not agree with the learning outcomes of the HPD, some of which were not supported by the research evidence, and we developed our own qualification in collaboration with NCFE.

We are the only training school in the UK to have developed our own customised award that is externally verified by a government regulated national awarding and examining organisation.


The National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH)

nchlogoStudents are eligible for student membership upon completing the first stage of training.  The diploma has been assessed as being at least equivalent to the HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma) and meets the requirements for membership of The National Council of Hypnotherapy. Upon being awarded the diploma you will be able to register as a full Licentiate Member of the NCH. The NCH is affiliated with the National Guild of Hypnotists in the USA, making this an internationally recognised qualification. Entitlements of NCH membership are:

  • Practice liability insurance. 
  • The Hypnotherapy Journal (delivered quarterly). 
  • Members website with members database for public reference. 
  • Annual Conference.

View the UK College on the NCH list of approved training providers:

The Register for Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (REBHP)

Students are eligible for ‘student’ membership on enrolment of the first stage of training. This award is designed to meet the training requirement for membership of REBHP. Additional registration requirements, such as hours of clinical supervision, may be stipulated by the Register, and these must be confirmed with them directly. See the website for details.

The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) & The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)

The diploma has been assessed and validated at practitioner level by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Graduates are eligible for professional registration with The General Hypnotherapy Register at full practitioner status. Upon completion of the Foundation Certificate in Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy, you will be eligible to apply for Affiliate registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register, which means that you will be able to use the letters “GHR (Affil)” after your name.

View the College on the GHR list of approved training providers:


NCFE (National Awarding Body – OfQual regulated)

letter head A4 sizeThe College is recognised by NCFE as an awarding centre for the Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy which is available to students who complete our whole training programme. The diploma is independently awarded and externally verified by NCFE in collaboration with The College. The diploma is classed by NCFE as a Level 4 (equivalent to Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework) customised award (customised award no. C0982).
(Please note this is NOT a nationally recognised , government regulated qualification).

This is probably the most important accreditation as by this you can be assured of our quality in terms of delivering training and assessing your work. We are the ONLY UK hypnotherapy training organisation to develop our own externally verified, customised award.
We are recognised by NCFE as Centre number 3394 and have Direct Claim Status until January 2018.

Please see more information here about our customised award (Diploma) with NCFE
Also please see our outstanding 2017 External Verification Report from NCFE here.

Certificate in Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy
– Approved by the British Psychological Society


Our 7 day Certificate course (which is also Stage 1 on our Diploma in CBH) is approved by The British Psychological Society Learning Centre as CPD (Continuing Professional Development). To date we believe we are the only training college in the UK offering a one week Certificate course that is approved as CPD by the BPS.

Hypnotherapy Training Course Locations – Manchester, London,  Beijing

The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy offers hypnotherapy courses in London and Beijing – and later in 2018/2019 in Manchester and York.
Hypnotherapy Courses - London, Beijing, Manchester


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