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Your flexible time as a clinical hypnotherapist

Have a flexible working week

Helping others as a certified hypnotherapist

Profoundly change lives

Fulfilling your purpose through hypnosis training and certification

Fulfil your purpose

Do you dream of having your own therapy practice?

Using hypnosis to help people grow and change!

you aren't sure if it’s really possible
OR… how you can choose the right path?

We think it's wrong that the hypnotherapy field is so unclear.
Confusing everyone with hype, claims and pseudoscience.

Let’s help you with a clear path to a professional qualification as a hypnotherapist.

Take the evidence-based, modern, scientific approach to hypnosis
combining it with CBT & mindfulness: the Diploma in Hypno-CBT®

The evolution of psychotherapy, CBT & Hypnosis
Learn Hypnosis, learn Mindfulness, learn CBT
Know how to ENHANCE CBT with the power of hypnosis

What's the Diploma training like? Hear from our students!

Stand out from the crowd
with a qualification and training you can be proud of

The Level 5 Higher Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

“Probably the most highly accredited hypnotherapy training in the world”

Hypnotherapy certification and accreditation logos

Become an effective, fully accredited professional hypnotherapist

Our evidence-based practitioner training integrates the power of hypnosis with the science of CBT. Wherever you are in the world you can train with us – AND gain the strong foundation, certification, confidence and ongoing support you need so that the career you envision becomes your reality.

Fulfil your potential via hypnotherapy certification

Fulfil your potential

Shift from an unfulfilling career to one that is more in line with your life values.

Help people as a clinical hypnotherapist or clinical hypnotist

Help people grow and change

Directly change lives with a method and qualification you have confidence in.

your clinical hypnotherapy certification allows you to become your own boss

Be your own boss

Earn good money, have a flexible working week, and specialise in your chosen areas.

Designed for novices and experienced therapists

Switch career with a hypnotherapy training course

Switch career?

The Diploma is designed to provide those new to therapy with the clinical skills, knowledge and a highly accredited qualification that will enable them to set up in practice as a professional hypnotherapist. We provide a complete practitioner training and pathway. About 65% of course attendees are “career switchers”

Build your professionals skills with a hypnotherapy course

Build your skillset?

The Diploma is also popular with psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and coaches looking to expand their skillset and business. The unique Hypno-CBT® model helps your clients make deeper and more long-lasting change. About 35% of course attendees are professionals who are adding to their skillset.

“Is hypnotherapy actually a viable career option?”

We know what it's like to feel confused about the many different claims, approaches and training methods within the hypnotherapy course marketplace.

It's easy to wonder:

Is hypnosis really legitimate?

Is it credible enough to make a successful career out of?

How do I know which course will be a worthwhile investment?

We run a regular webinar where we answer these questions and you meet hypnotherapists who have trained with us, find out about the practical viability, how much they earn and learn about their journey to their professional success.

Confused about hypnosis courses and hypnotherapy certification?

This is why our training is all based on research, meets the highest professionals standards and the qualifications are externally verified and awarded.
To ensure your success we provide extensive ongoing support to market your professional services as a hypnotherapist and help you build your private practice.

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Externally verified qualifications
Hypnotherapy Certification / Accreditation

clinical hypnotherapy certification

Level 5 Higher Diploma
in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Externally verified & awarded
The only Level 5 Hypnotherapy Diploma in the UK

Upon qualification you can join
The National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

Why choose an externally awarded Diploma?

We don't print off diplomas on our office inkjet.
We don't award Diplomas ourselves.

Our main training qualifications are externally verified and awarded by NCFE, a government regulated national awarding organisation.
These customised qualifications are verified to the same rigorous standards as national qualifications – giving you confidence in your professional hypnotherapy certification/accreditation.

You want to be properly trained and qualified.
Don't cut corners on your professional training

British Psychological Society
and Hypnotherapy Certification
GHR NCH Hypnotherapy Certification - certified clinical hypnosis training
Clinical hypnotherapy certification

Why listen to us?

The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, based in London, is the leading online hypnotherapy training provider in the UK offering you a clear pathway to professional accreditation and certification. For 20 years the College has championed an evidence-based approach to hypnotherapy training and the integration of hypnosis with CBT.

Our practitioner training, the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, is based on the extensive experimental and clinical research into hypnosis and hypnotherapy

This science-based approach is one reason the Diploma is approved by the British Psychological Society as CPD for registered psychologists. (It is therefore an excellent hypnotherapy training for psychologists).

The qualification is externally awarded by the government-regulated awarding body NCFE-CACHE (we don't print our own certificates), and is accredited (certified) by no less than 10 professional organisations.

In 2019, we worked with Great Ormond Street Hospital, a NHS Foundation Trust and one of the world's leading children's hospitals, and delivered a special training in the Hypno-CBT® approach to their team of child psychologists in the Psychological Services Department of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

What is Hypno-CBT®?

Hypno-CBT® is a unique “hypnotic-psychotherapy” which integrates hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness (dehypnosis).
Substantial research now shows that adding hypnosis can enhance CBT – improving outcomes for 70% compared to CBT alone.*

We endorse a modern, research informed approach to hypnosis. (Hint: we don't talk about hypnosis as trance!)

We also integrate wisdom and practices from the East: meditation, mindfulness and applied philosophy.
Sometimes we call it “an integration of the ancient (mindfulness), the magical (hypnosis) and the scientific (CBT)”!

This non-trance approach to hypnosis, woven with CBT and mindfulness, gives you enormous skill and flexibility as a therapist in creating highly tailored treatment programmes for patients and clients.

Hypnotherapy training programme - course content
Diploma course content breakdown

Adding Hypnosis improves CBT
Ramondo N, Gignac GE, Pestell CF, Byrne SM. Clinical Hypnosis as an Adjunct to Cognitive Behavior Therapy: An Updated Meta-Analysis. Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2021 Apr-Jun;69(2):169-202. doi: 10.1080/00207144.2021.1877549. Epub 2021 Mar 1. PMID: 33646087.
How to become a certified hypnotherapist
Pathway to becoming an accredited / certified hypnotherapist

What does “evidence-based” mean?

This means what we teach is based on research into the nature of hypnosis, what can be treated with hypnotherapy, what other psychotherapies are effective and is rooted in widely-accepted psychological principles.

Few people know that hypnosis is a serious research topic in psychology, with three dedicated academic journals and hypnosis research labs in the most famous universities in the world – including Harvard, Stanford, Berkley and UCL

In our courses we look at both experimental research – that's research into how hypnosis works – and also clinical research – or what hypnosis can be used for.

Although it is a very scientific approach, we make it simple and understandable (just as you would for clients).

Gain an additional qualification in CBT (Cert. I-CBT)

Our Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) contains a substantial amount of high quality theory, principles and skills from cognitive behavioural approaches. Essentially you are trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as well as hypnotherapy when you take our Diploma in Hypno-CBT®.
Many top professionals do not consider that you can offer hypnosis without being able to work effectively without hypnosis – i.e. hypnosis is an ADJUNCT to a psychotherapy not really a psychotherapy in it's own right. Indeed once you move beyond basic simple suggestions for symptom improvement you have to have a therapeutic model (framework) within which to be thinking about and delivering therapy effectively.

For this reason we teach you CBT theory, principles and methods in our training – AND how to add modern hypnosis to that for even better results.

To recognise the depth of CBT knowledge and training you will acquire we also award a Certificate in Integrative CBT (Cert I-CBT) when you qualify with us, verified by a leading CBT Trainer and Supervisor. Read more here

For over 20 years, we have helped people like you to become successful Hypno-CBT® Therapists

Dr Jonathan Pointer, chartered psychologist, certified hypnotherapist

“As a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, I highly recommend this course, because I know it will deeply enhance applied psychologists range of effective interventions across a wide variety of client issues.

It is also important to hold in mind that this course is so well crafted, that students with no prior knowledge of psychology and/or therapy, can take this course with the confidence that they will be given all the information that is required to become, with practice, competent cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapists.”

– Dr Jonathan Pointer, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Harriet Curry, certified Hypno-CBT® therapist

“When I wanted a career change, I researched a lot of hypnotherapy practitioner courses and the College highlighted itself as being the best, and did not disappoint.

I was floored at how rich the content was, and how academically rigorous it was. The course is challenging, but that is exactly what I wanted. The quality of the teaching is phenomenal.

The most genuine organisation I've been witness to in a long time.”

– Harriet Curry, Hypno-CBT® Therapist

Chris People - certified hypnotherapist

“The UK College is a centre of excellence for evidence-based therapy. I have trained with the college for a number of years, and every course offered, and every member of their teaching staff are first class.

Somehow the College manages to balance discussion of current scientific and clinical issues and findings, with practical, experiential learning, and personal reflection and growth. I cannot rate them highly enough.

– Chris People, Hypno-CBT® Therapist and Resilience Coach,

Hypnotherapy training and certification

The 3-step process to become a Hypno-CBT® Therapist

take the hypnotherapy diploma

1) Take the Diploma

Wherever you are in the world, train from home In your chosen live/pre-recorded format.

get your hypnotherapy certification (qualification)

2) Get qualified

Complete your training and assessment and receive your externally awarded qualification.

start your professional practice as a certified hypnotherapist

3) Launch your practice!

Get ongoing support, and join our thriving professional community of Hypno-CBT® Therapists.

“In any given moment, we have two choices: to step forward into growth or backwards into safety.”
– Abraham Maslow

We know that investing in a hypnotherapy training is not easy.

There’s a lot at stake.

Time, money, security. And your dreams and self-belief.

However, it is possible to…

✔️ Wake up every morning excited about work that is meaningful and rewarding

✔️ See the positive impact you are having on others’ lives every day

✔️ Earn a good income, with complete time flexibility

✔️ Deeply feel that you are reaching your potential and living the life that you were meant to live

Stop delaying your dream and start building your hypnotherapy career now.

Hypnotherapy Certification:
clinical hypnosis training and certification

Become a fully accredited
Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy Certification in Hypno-CBT®:
clinical hypnosis training and certification

Classroom Training vs Live Stream Webcast vs Online Training

Prior to the pandemic we offered nearly all our training through intensive 7-day classroom training. In November 2019, just before the pandemic, we launched our Online Diploma format which offers online hypnotherapy certification – and is fully equivalent to the live classroom format in terms of content, curriculum, learning outcomes, assessment and the final qualification.
During the pandemic we not only developed the Online Diploma format so that people could learn hypnotherapy online and become a certified hypnotherapist – we also started to run our Diploma via Live Stream Webcast (using Zoom). The Live Stream Webcast Diploma (via Zoom) now replaces the classroom training – with higher student satisfaction ratings and assessment outcomes!

However our most popular format is the Online Diploma – a genuine “Flipped Classroom” Educational Design model – where instead of sitting in lectures you watch lectures in your own time and spend valuable time with your tutor and fellow students in discussions, practical exercises and Q&A sessions.

Finally of course everyone now learns how to do therapy (and hypnotherapy) online. In countless research studies it is now shown, without doubt, that therapy delivered online is just as effective, in some studies more effective, than therapy delivered live in person.
So to become a hypnotherapist we offer our curriculum through Live Stream Webcast, Online (Pre-recorded lectures supported by personal tutoring) and Self-Led (no tutor support). The timing, format and fees vary so take time to understand the formats and the hypnotherapy training cost involved.
Both Live Stream Webcast and the Online Diplomas are supported by live online practise sessions, which are led by a trained supervisor-tutor, run four times a week at various time slots, and are free for 12 months.
Our aim through all of this is to offer the best hypnotherapy training that is on offer anywhere in the world – to anyone in the world, wherever you may be.
So you can get trained in the highest quality training in your own home – whether you live in London, or New Zealand, the Outer Hebrides or Malta!