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A career as a hypnotherapist?

We all desire the job, the career of our dreams. If you're here on this page it's probably because you have a genuine desire, and gain real satisfaction and meaning, from helping others to grow, overcome limitations and achieve their goals.

But you wonder… is it possible?
If I take this training can I become a registered hypnotherapist?
Can I make a success of it?
Can I generate a proper income, even a good income, as a hypnotherapist?
What would it take to do that?
What's it like starting out in private practice?

A new hypnotherapy career: stories of success

The interviews below are stories, fresh from the front lines, of our graduates who have completed the training, received the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy qualification, and have gone on to make a successful new career as a hypnotherapist.


Some of the websites of UK College hypnotherapy diploma alumni:

Pam Newbury 

Gillian Winguard

Tim Grimwade

Caroline Brown

Louise Levy

Jasminka Letzas

Andras Keleti

Dr Rosie Freedman

Philip Makatrevicz

Patti Hemmings

Hui Bee Teh

Ian Johnson

Amanda Walsh

Richard Hughes

Helen Gormley

Felicity Campbell

Bill Merrington


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