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Webinars & Introduction Days: Hypnotherapy Career and Training Possibilities

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We believe that choosing a hypnotherapy training, whether it’s to change career or build your therapeutic toolbox, should be a clear and straightforward process so you can easily decide which course is right for you. We offer two introductory events for prospective students to help them get a better idea of course content and the College.

Free 90-min Webinar:

Explore a career as a Hypno-CBT® therapist

Is a career in hypnotherapy possible? 

Can one really retrain for a new career in hypnotherapy in a brief period?

Is hypnosis a valid and proven therapeutic medium?

Are they any credible training programmes out there? How can I find them?

It is possible to have a successfully, financially strong and intrinsically rewarding career as a hypnotherapist?

Introduction Day (£22)

Introduction to
Evidence-Based Hypnosis and the
Hypno-CBT® approach:

A chance to experience our Diploma through a fascinating journey into the research on hypnosis and modern applications, including the Hypno-CBT® approach integrating mindfulness, hypnosis and CBT.

3.5 hour presentation and discussion on Hypno-CBT®
with Mark R. Davis

(via Zoom)