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1. About this statement

This is the privacy notice of the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, a division of Mindease Limited. In this document, “we”, “our”, or “us” refers to MindEase Limited trading as The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

We are company number 07119930 registered in the UK. Our registered office is at
167-169 Great Portland Street
5th Floor
United Kingdom

We need to process data about the people for whom we provide training and post training support, those who undertake assessments with us, our Alumni – meaning those who have trained with us and continue to access professional development support both through the website content, news and events, and the people who enquire about our training and services. This privacy statement outlines what data is collected, how it will be used, and what your rights are as a data subject.

This privacy statement is as comprehensive as possible however it is not an exhaustive list of every aspect of data collection and processing.  We would be happy to provide further information or explanation about our services, if you have any questions please do get in touch with us.

2. Why we collect your data & how we collect it

We will collect the personal data needed in order to communicate with you, to provide information and administer services to you and to conduct our business.  The type and amount of data collected will depend on the nature of your interaction with the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

We collect information about you that you give us directly by calling our office, filling in forms on our website, requesting a prospectus, using the online learning platform and student communication platform, attending training events, by completing surveys or forms, by visiting our website or social media pages,  or by corresponding with us on social media, by phone, email or otherwise.

We receive information from your use of our website as it collects technical information such as the IP address.  Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website, this helps us to provide you with a good experience and helps us to improve our website, and these may be stored in your web browser or on your device.

3. What data we collect

We collect the data required in order to provide an appropriate service to you, this will vary based on the nature of your relationship with the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

For those making enquiries about a course or workshop:

We may collect any, but not necessarily all, of the following personal data such as:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details including postal address and address history, mobile and telephone numbers, and email addresses
  • Gender
  • Disabilities, allergies and medication
  • Your work and education history
  • Correspondence or contact you have with us
  • The training you have taken with us
  • Other training you have received
  • Your purpose and motivation for training with us
  • Social media details
  • Occupation or place of work

Those attending/ have attended a Course and Workshop

We may collect any, but not necessarily all, of the following personal data such as:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details including postal address and address history, mobile and telephone numbers, and email addresses
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • National insurance number
  • Disabilities, allergies and medication
  • Relationship status
  • Your work and education history, including relevant trainings
  • Your purpose and motivation for training with us
  • Correspondence or contact you have with us
  • Any training you have taken with us
  • Social media details
  • Occupation or place of work

Filming and interactive broadcasting of training is common at Mindease Limited events. The main focus of filming is the presenter, not the delegates. However, questions discussion and role play are common parts of the training event and are of academic interest to viewers and participants of filmed and broadcast material. Equally questions and discussion broadcast by webcast participants is of interest to participants in the training room. For that reason such filming and broadcast is exempt from GDPR because of its academic “special purpose”. However, should participants not wish to be filmed they should notify the cameraman in advance.

Do we process special categories of data?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) recognises certain categories of personal information as sensitive and therefore requiring more protection, for example information about your health, ethnicity and religious beliefs.

In certain situations, we may collect and/or use these special categories of data (for example, information on learners’ medical conditions so that we can make arrangements for reasonable adjustments and/or special considerations, ethnic origin for the purposes of statistical analysis requested by our external examining body, NCFE etc). We will only process these special categories of data if there is a valid reason for doing so and where the GDPR allows us to do so.

For those visiting our website or social media pages

  • Your IP address and related browsing information

We do not see or store card payment details for any purchases made online through our website.  Where a payment is made over the phone we will input the details to the same secure websites on your behalf.

We strongly advise against sending payment details by email.  If we receive an email containing any payment information this will be immediately processed and the email deleted.


We keep records of your correspondence and engagement with us which may include details about invitations to courses or workshops events, training attended, assessment pass or fail information.


Our website uses cookies. They are placed by software that operates on our servers, and by software operated by third parties whose services we use.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer's hard drive by your web browser when you visit any website. They allow information gathered on one web page to be stored until it is needed for use on another, allowing a website to provide you with a personalised experience and the website owner with statistics about how you use the website so that it can be improved.

Some cookies may last for a defined period of time, such as one day or until you close your browser. Others last indefinitely.

Your web browser should allow you to delete any you choose. Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies. To do this look at the “help” menu on your browser. Switching off cookies may restrict your use of the website and/or delay or affect the way in which it operates.

When you first visit our website, we ask you whether you wish us to use cookies. If you choose not to accept them, we shall not use them for your visit except to record that you have not consented to their use for any other purpose.

If you choose not to use cookies or you prevent their use through your browser settings, you will not be able to use all the functionality of our website.

We use cookies in the following ways:

4.1 to track how you use our website

4.2 to record whether you have seen specific messages we display on our website

4.3 to keep you signed in our site

4.4 to record your answers to surveys and questionnaires on our site while you complete them

4.5 to record the conversation thread during a live chat with our support team

4.6 To remarket our services to you via 3rd party websites that can host our adverts.

How we use your data

4. The legal basis for processing your data

We will ensure that where we collect and process your data we will do so in accordance with the lawful bases defined by data protection laws, depending on the purposes for which we use your data, one or more of the lawful bases below may be relevant:

  • Contract where we have entered into a contractual agreement with you
  • Legal obligation where there is a requirement for us to record information such as NCFE administration for assessments, accounting and tax purposes
  • Legitimate interests such as:
    • Administration, Marketing and Operational functions – including responding to enquiries, providing information and services, evaluation and assessment feedback and support.
    • Delivering services – ensuring high quality services are provided to enhance professional development,
  • Where the above reasons have not been satisfied and / or you have provided your consent for us to use your personal information in a certain way.

Where legitimate interests has been identified as the lawful basis for processing data we will ensure that its use is fair and not intrusive and is only used in a way or for a purpose that you would reasonably expect.

If you do not wish to share your data with us we will be limited in the support or service that we can offer to you and may not be able to provide such services.

We may use your personal information to inform relevant third parties such as your internet provider or law enforcement agencies in the that event you post or send any content that we believe to be inappropriate, offensive, or in breach of data protection laws

5. Retention of your data

We have an internal procedure which sets out the specified time for which we keep data, we refer to the data retention procedures of national bodies in determining how long we will keep data and take into account any legal requirements,  legitimate interests, and guidance issued by regulatory bodies such as the Information Commissioners Office.  Once the retention period has expired we will securely dispose of data either by confidential waste disposal, anonymization, or permanent deletion.

We keep your personal information only for as long as required by us:

  • To provide you with access to the College services in line with Legitimate interest
  • To comply with other law, including for the period demanded by our tax authorities and our external examining body.
  • To support a claim or defence in court.

Course & Workshop attendess
We register all course and workshop attendees to provide certificates of attendance and any accreditation or approval attached to the course, or as a record for multi-module courses. Personal information is kept as a constant unique identifier for the individual. We keep this data indefinitely and enable delegates at any time to check their attendance, for CPD and to check on completion of multi-module courses and training logs. Any individual who does not want this information stored has a right to contact us and ask us to ‘forget them’. However, in event of the latter, individuals will be in a position where they will be unable to fully complete multi module certificates and diplomas or have their attendance verified by third parties such as registration bodies and employers or be provided with a proof of academic record, by Mindease Limited.

6. Security of your data

We have appropriate operational and technical measures in place to protect your personal data and ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  All information provided to the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is stored securely and accessible only to those who are authorised to have access to it. We will take all reasonable steps and measures to ensure that the information you give us is protected against loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure.

7. Disclosure of your data

We will never sell, share or swap your details with any third parties for the purposes of their own marketing or the monetisation of your data.

Your data will only be shared with third parties where:

  • It is to a secure data processor carrying out processing activities on our behalf (for example Course Teachers, to know who is in the training room, or Constant Contact, our email marketing service)
  • We are required to do so by law, for example to regulatory bodies or law enforcement, or in order to enforce or apply our rights to protect the UK College, for example in cases of suspected fraud or defamation
  • It is necessary to protect the vital interests of an individual, for example where we believe you or another person might be in danger
  • We have obtained your explicit consent to share it
  • If we sell the business (data is shared for the purpose of business and service continuity), when you will be notified and are able to opt-out or have your data deleted.

We are required to share some information with our Exam Body NCFE for monitoring and quality assurance, and also that NCFE may issue diplomas to our students.

8. Transfer of data outside the European Economic Area

In the unlikely event we were required to transfer data outside the EEA this would be done so in a secure manner and only where there is an adequate level of protection for the rights of data subjects in the receiving country, for example the EU-US Privacy Shield.

9. Your rights & complaints 

Access to your personal information

To obtain a copy of any  of your personal information that we hold you may send us a request at

After receiving the request, we will tell you when we expect to provide you with the information.

To stop College Monthly Emails or any informational or marketing emails you can use the unsubscribe link included in every email or contact to request that your email address be removed.

To stop Event and Workshop related communications emails please send your request to

If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics monitoring please use this link:

Verification of your information
When we receive any request to access, edit or delete personal identifiable information we shall first take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting you access or otherwise taking any action. This is important to safeguard your information.

10. How you can complain

  • • If you are not happy with our privacy policy or if any complaint then you have should tell us by email. Our address is
  • • If a dispute is not settled then we hope you will agree to attempt to resolve it by   engaging in good faith with us in a process of mediation or arbitration.
  • • If you are in any way dissatisfied about how we process your persona
    information, you have a right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office. This can be done at

11. Compliance with the law

Our privacy policy has been compiled so as to comply with the law of every country or legal jurisdiction in which we aim to do business. If you think it fails to satisfy the law of your jurisdiction, we should like to hear from you.

However, ultimately it is your choice as to whether you wish to use our website.

12. Review of this privacy policy

We may update this privacy notice from time to time as necessary. The terms that apply to you are those posted here on our website on the day you use our website. We advise you to print a copy for your records.

If you have any question regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.

This statement was last updated May 25th 2018., if any significant changes are made to the way in which we use your data we will update this privacy statement and make you aware in our next communication with you.