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Online Group Practise Sessions

Online Group Practise sessions are held at least twice a week.
These are two hour sessions facilitated by one of the college trainers or tutors.
If you are a member of the Hypno-CBT® Professional Hub you have unlimited free group practise sessions.

Hypno-CBT® Professional Membership Hub

The Hypno-CBT® Professional Membership Hub offers many benefits such as free additional tutor-led sessions, special topic webinars, business/marketing coaching sessions, unlimited Online Practise Sessions, Assessment Support Sessions and access to videos (worth £35+ a month alone).

All new students will receive invitations to sign up for 12 months free membership when they start the Diploma Course. Please email if you have not received your invitation to join.

All former students and alumni can receive a 1 month free membership.

Note: this is only available for those who are taking or have taken the full Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy training programme (comprising Stages 1, 2 & 3)

Getting Started, Marketing & Business Support

Many people are rightly somewhat nervous about setting themselves up in private practice.
Should you register for VAT? How do you register as self-employed? What to call the website? How to setup and optimise a website? How much to charge? Cancellation and Refund policies?
And the all important question of how to find clients for your new business venture.
We have put together a wide range of supportive resources – so you are not left hanging at the end of your training.
You will know exactly what steps to take and how to setup a successful practice.
We provide:

  • A focus throughout the training on setting up in private practice – keeping your eye on the goal, envisioning your success
  • A detailed A to Z of Next Steps to take once you have completed the training
  • Business advice and practical tips from your tutor
  • Marketing and business support events in the Hypno-CBT® Professional Hub
  • Business support articles, books and resources in the Hypno-CBT® Professional Hub
  • FREE Walk in Business Surgery sessions with professional business coach Mark Austin
  • Marketing and Business Coaching courses to get started and accelerate your private practice.

8 Week Marketing Course with Kate Mayor

Walk in Business Surgery with Mark Austin

Course Resources (Old)

Essential Course Support Resources for live and webcast courses have been replaced by Hypno-CBT® Professional Hub access.
Sign up for the Professional Hub and you will receive full access to the entire online diploma + many more additional resources.

Read more here: Hypno-CBT® Professional Hub


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