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You can register here for the twice-weekly practise sessions as a graduate or current student of the Diploma course.

Our online practise sessions:

Use Zoom rooms to break into pairs (client and therapist) for the practicals

Choose sessions suitable for your stage of learning (or for graduates) when you register

You can also choose which scripts you would like to practice when you register

Please read: key information about the session format

You must read the Practise Session Agreement here before attending a session.

During the practise session you will have a chance to deliver a script/exercise as the therapist and receive feedback from your colleague, as well as experience a script/exercise as a Client and provide feedback to the therapist.

  • Therapist: ensure you have your script to hand
  • Client: ensure you have an issue to work on and are able to position yourself so that the therapist can see you easily

The first part of the session will be a check-in and set up of rooms, there will be some time for questions after the practical although the primary purpose is for you to practise your skills.

In a practise session you may find yourself delivering one script as ‘Therapist' and experiencing a different script as ‘Client'. Therefore, this is an opportunity to deliver and experience multiple scripts in one session.

The session facilitator will ‘drop into’ break out rooms a number of times to observe. This will allow them to monitor progress generally and answer any questions. If you have a questions for the session facilitator, you can join the main zoom room and request their attention.

Click on one of the upcoming sessions below to book

Please download the correct feedback form before you attend a session:
For Stage 1 students click here
For Stage 2 & 3 students and alumni click here

PLEASE NOTE: spaces are limited on each session – please do not book unless you are sure you can make it. If you have registered and can no longer make it, please cancel. If you miss a session and have not told us in advance, you will go on a waiting list when you next decide to book.

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