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Which course is right for me?

We offer fully accredited hypnotherapy training courses and workshops both for those who are complete beginners to the subject, as well as for experienced hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, complementary therapists and medical professionals.

We frequently have special offers available on our accredited hypnotherapy training courses so please make sure you check our discounts and special offers page regularly for the latest deals.  If you're undecided, let us know and we'll reserve you a place on the course provisionally, to secure your discount, while you make up your mind.

Just choose the option below that best describes you, and if you have any questions or would like to receive a prospectus, please contact us.

I want to become a hypnotherapist, but don't have any previous experience or training in therapy…

You might want to begin by attending our one day self-hypnosis workshops first, which can be counted toward your training requirement for our accredited hypnotherapy training courses, the certificate and diploma in hypnotherapy. It normally forms day one of the foundation certificate course.

Information on workshops and accredited hypnotherapy training courses

The first, or “foundational”, step in training to become an accredited professional hypnotherapist is to enrol on our Foundation Certificate in Hypnotherapy.  This forms the first stage of our Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy, which provides a complete professional training.  Diploma students will receive all the classroom training they need to register with some of the main hypnotherapy organisations in the UK and set up in practice. Ideal for newcomers to the subject.

training in hypnotherapy - Diploma Structure

I'm a trained therapist (counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist etc.) and I'd like to add hypnotherapy to my existing skills…

If you are registered with a therapy organisation such as BACP, BABCP, UKCP or BPS you have two options.  You can either complete the first stage (Foundation Certificate in Hypnotherapy) of our full Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy, which will provide you with basic hypnotherapy skills, OR you can complete the full twenty-one day diploma.

The Foundation Certificate Course will give you a very solid grounding in what is hypnosis and how to use it with clients – you will learn basic interventions in terms of introducing clients to hypnosis, conducting basic hypnosis interventions and teaching self-hypnosis skills.

Note: Professional hypnotherapy registers such as the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) will normally expect members to have completed appropriate accredited hypnotherapy training courses, usually diplomas of a similar duration and structure to the one offered by the UK College – i.e. even though you may be a trained pyschologist or psychiatrist you will normally need to complete a 120 hour classroom training (minimum) to be a member of one of the professional hypnotherapy registers.

I am interested in finding out more about self-hypnosis for personal development…

The UK College have been running popular Self-Hypnosis Workshops for over ten years.  Although designed for the general public we find many therapists and trainees also wish to attend, and your attendance can then contribute to the requirement for our diploma in hypnotherapy. The workshops teach basic self-hypnosis and autosuggestion skills.

I'm a hypnotherapist looking for CPD training…

The UK College offer a variety of short courses and workshops designed for use as CPD.  See our self-hypnosis workshop above or check our main website for further details of forthcoming workshops and other events.

The UK College offer a conversion diploma in cognitive-Behavioural hypnotherapy. This is designed specifically for qualified hypnotherapists interested in learning a new approach to hypnotherapy. Click here for further information.

Also we've had many hypnotherapists (and trainers!) take our Certificate Course and Diploma course as CPD – finding a wealth of new knowledge, information and skills to integrate into their hypnotherapy practice.

I would like to discuss my personal training needs with someone…

Feel free to telephone the college on 0207 112 9040 (Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm), or email your questions to us at Whether you're looking for information on workshops or accredited hypnotherapy training courses, we're always happy to help and offer advice.