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Formatting requirements – IMPORTANT

  • ALL answers must be within the limit of 400-600 words per question for the Diploma in CBH (for the SMRB Certificate/SMRB Diploma each answer must be 750-1000 words), and a word count must be noted at the end of each answer.
  • Answers must be submitted in single MS-Word document via the Submission Form.
  • Please do not send answers in multiple Word documents.
  • Include a copy of the relevant question before each of your answers.
  • Include a header with your name and submission date on each page.
  • You are required to provide a bibliography of references used at the end of your document.  You references should include the core textbook as a minimum, referencing of the course manuals is not acceptable or required.  Please use the Harvard System of Referencing, in-text citations are not required.

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