Assessment and Case Studies – Resources


Student Handbook (updated May 2019)

(contained within the Student Handbook)

Assessment Guidance and Advice document
(contained within the Student Handbook)

Assessment Questions – stages of answering (indication of all the questions that can be answered based on Stage 1 course content)
(i.e. more than the first 6 questions in Unit 1)

Original 28 Assessment Questions
(only use these questions if you took the Diploma before April 2019 and you are NOT doing Case Studies)

Pay for and Submit your Assessment

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Student Case Study Guidance

Case Study Process Flow

Case Study Agreement (to be signed by your volunteer “clients”) 

 Case Study Administration Form to sign prior to submitting

Case Study Form – Session 1

Case Study Form – Sessions 2 & 3

Supervision Review

Therapist feedback sheet

Privacy Notice Final May 19

Diploma in Stress Management and Resilience Building

Stress Management & Resilience Building Diploma (Assessment Questions)