Good websites

Free Resources (Worksheets etc) for Therapists


Self-Help and Therapist Resources (worksheets/handouts etc)

The BPS Research Digest

Dr James Hawkins “Stressed to Zest” Blog –       really good evidence-based physician – lots of great CBT articles!


Some great articles on CBT and psychotherapy from Asst Professor of Clinical Psychology. Mike Anestis


Seven Questions with Famous Therapists Project:



Archives of The Australian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis


A great evidence-based website on hypnosis run by Dr Matthew Whalley


A short concise review of hypnosis in the 21st century:

Hypnosis Research Materials




Tutorial on Harvard Style of Referencing:

Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies: learn common mistakes in reasoning…

Lots of free ideas, insights, tips, articles, templates etc


300 Awesome Free Things for building a business


Eric Willmarth’s Hypnosis Interviews


UK Mental Health Telephone Lines:



Anxiety UK Website


Rethink Mental Health’s Website:


A list of 25 good psychotherapy blogs