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Marketing Course: Launch and Build your CBH Practice

Home / Marketing Course: Launch and Build your CBH Practice

8 Week Marketing and Practice Building Course:
Launch and Build your CBH Practice to Success!

with Kate Mayor

  • Does the idea of building your business feel overwhelming?
  • Confused by how to get clients to visit your website?
  • Do you struggle knowing where to start with your website and marketing plan?

There are many different messages out there about how to build your website and client base, and it can be very difficult to see clearly what the right things are to focus on. The good news is that when you have a clear way forward, marketing doesn’t feel hard. It also doesn’t need to be time-consuming once your fundamental approach and website are right.

To launch and build your practice you need to know the approach to take, what to do, AND the mindset to overcome obstacles, value your services (believe in yourself!) and leave behind any shyness, hesitancy or doubts that block you from being the successful professional hypnotherapist that you truly can be.

This course is going to address BOTH the marketing knowledge and know-how, as well as the marketing and entrepreneurial MINDSET that you have to develop to be successful.

Learn from a Marketing Professional
who has built her own successful hypnotherapy business
– and trained in the CBH approach!

Course tutor, Kate Mayor – a marketing professional

Kate is a marketing professional with 20 years marketing & business experience.
She has trained to postgraduate professional level in marketing and business development with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Kate then worked within senior marketing and business development roles for over 20 years, across the legal and education sectors. In every role she took, she was able to excel on targets and increase bottom line profits and customer engagement.

Two years ago she knew her career had to change and Kate re-trained with the College as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and qualified quickly afterwards.

She was then in the slightly scary position that many of you will be in, having no client base and unsure whether any of this was really going to work.  She applied all her marketing and business development knowledge and skills as she set up her business, taking clear steps to build her website according to client need and boost search engine engagement. Two years on, she has a full and thriving practice and would love to show you the steps to achieve this for your own businesses.

By 2020 Kate was seeing over 20 clients per week (over 20 client hour sessions per week) – at her rate of £75/hour. Kate both thoroughly understands the marketing approach needed and the unique selling points of being a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

Kate will be able to guide you to systematically focus your efforts on the specific areas that will have the most impact, and coach you to use the tools from the course to overcome any of the limiting beliefs or procrastination habits that are obstacles to your success.

Kate’s website is: Hypnosis Edinburgh 

Course Description

By the end of the course you will have:

  • A target audience that will work for your market and a clear idea of exactly how to target this particular client base
  • A plan for the steps required to make a targeted website
  • A deep understanding of the way search engines work and the steps to make your website receive the biggest possible number of views and engagements
  • An understanding of exactly what your website needs to have (and to avoid) on each page
  • Clarity on how to write web text which both engages your audience and works with search engines
  • A pricing strategy aligned with your market
  • A detailed marketing plan to target your particular audience
  • Identified and cleared any blocks which might be holding you back in your quest to start a career as a therapist and feel confident in putting yourself out there to market your business

The course will lead you through all the steps that you need to know to build a successful business, website and marketing plan for your therapy business. This course does not only address the knowledge and skill set around marketing and business development but also focuses on the mental hurdles and challenges around confidence, problem-solving and resilience.

Special Feature: 1 hour live Q&A with Shaun Anderson – “the experts expert” – from Hobo-SEO.
Within the world of SEO experts Shaun Anderson is known as one of the expert’s expert. Since the late 90’s Shaun has been involved with SEO. He has watched and learned with every evolution of Google’s search engine system. By special arrangement Shaun is the SEO consultant for the UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – and he has agreed to make a rare live appearance for this course.

Ongoing Access and Discussion Group
You will have access to replay sessions for the duration of the course and for one month afterwards
All materials will be posted and available for 12 months in an online resource section
This will include a forum discussion group and a WhatsApp style chat group.

Eligibility: This course is only available for students and alumni of the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy training programme.

Course Format

The course will take place over 8 weeks with 1.5 hour sessions each week led by Kate.

The course will start on Saturday 25th September 2021 and continue each Friday until 12th November 2021.

Please note: two weeks before the course start date) Kate will send out a video and a homework task to be completed before the course start date. 

The course dates are as follows:

 Course datesCourse times
Week 1Saturday 25th September 202110am – 12.30pm
Week 2Friday 1st October 20219.30 – 11am
Week 3Friday 8th October 20219.30 – 11am
Week 4Friday 15th October 20219.30 – 11am
Week 5Friday 22nd October 20219.30 – 11am
Week 6Friday 29th October 20219.30 – 11am
Week 7 - extended session with SEO consultantFriday 5th November 20219.30 – 11.30am
Week 8Friday 12th November 20219.30 – 11am

Between weekly sessions you will have assignments to complete and report back on.

By the end of the 8 weeks you will have made substantial concrete progress on how to proceed, and have worked through many internal and external obstacles.

Book the CBH Marketing and Practice Building Course 

Fee: £495 (incl VAT)
6 month payment plan of £82.50/month available

This course has been postponed.

If you have any questions about the course please do get in touch. You can email or talk to one of the team on 0207 112 9040.