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Introduction to Evidence-Based Hypnosis and the
Hypno-CBT® approach:

A chance to experience our Diploma through a fascinating journey into the research on hypnosis and modern applications, including the Hypno-CBT® approach integrating mindfulness, hypnosis and CBT.

3.5 hour presentation and discussion on Hypno-CBT®
with Mark R. Davis (via Zoom)
Fee: £22

Investing in a hypnotherapy training course is a big decision.

It can be daunting to commit to a course without fully knowing what it will be like.

We believe choosing the right course should be a straightforward process.

That's why we offer our Introduction Day to help you get clear on whether our course is for you. 

Join us on this half-day course to get
a solid introduction to the Hypno-CBT® approach
our Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

This half-day session provides a really good example of our strong, science informed, evidence-based approach to hypnosis and its integration with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.

It’s a power packed session that busts many of the myths about hypnosis but also leaves you really excited about the unique strengths and power of hypnosis integrated with CBT. 

There will be lecture, discussion and video demonstrations throughout the morning.

Plus you will receive two free hypnosis recordings – one for deep relaxation and another for general confidence and well-being!

The fee for the Introduction Day is £22 (incl VAT). This is a pre-recorded session.

Key questions answered in the Introduction Day

  • What are the main similarities and differences between hypnosis and mindfulness/meditation.
  • Also between hypnosis and relaxation (they are not the same thing!)
  • What makes hypnosis unique? What does the research say about hypnosis?
  • Is hypnosis about “trance” and special states of consciousness?
  • How do we “induce hypnosis”?
  • What is the relationship between hypnosis and the placebo response?
  • Why are there so many different types of hypnotherapy? What are the main types? What are the differences?
  • Does hypnosis really work? An exploration of application in pain control.
  • And we will include a solid introduction to cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (one of the 4 main types of hypnotherapy) – and our proprietary approach of Hypno-CBT®
  • Finally we will look at the content, structure and format the Diploma training programme and the different options available to you
  • As well exploring the qualification and accreditation for the Diploma.

“I found the session fascinating, which surprised me as I was still engaged after 4 hours. I have been doing a lot of online teaching the last couple of years and 90 mins is about the maximum I go!

Working in academia I’m particularly excited by the evidence-based approach you mention. Before attending your session I had wondered about doing a course with another provider but am now firmly convinced that your organisation is much more what I am looking for.”

– Andrew Roberts, Lecturer
Mark speaking at the Applied Psychology Conference in Beijing 2016
“Integrating the Ancient, the Magical and the Scientific: Mindfulness, Hypnosis and CBT”

About the host: Mark R. Davis

Mark is a therapist, trainer, meditation teacher – and a leader in developing the integration of hypnosis with cognitive behavioural psychotherapy approaches.

As Director and Principal of The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, he is at the forefront of evidence-based hypnotherapy training – and is also very involved in the the integration of yoga and non-dual philosophy into Western Psychotherapy.

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The fee for the Introduction Day is £22.

Introduction to Evidence-Based Hypnosis and the
Hypno-CBT® approach