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NEW! Treating PTSD – and the Keys to Resilience (CBT Workshop)
with Donald Meichenbaum PhD

6-day Stress Management & Resilience Building Course via Webcast

Workshops via Webcast with Mark Davis

We also offer these workshops with Mark Davis in an online (pre-recorded) format. See each workshop information page (linked below) for more information on the online format.

Self-Hypnosis Workshop

Jun 19
Aug 02

Smoking Cessation MasterClass 

Jun 04

Insomnia Workshop 

CBT/CBH Workshops with Daniel Mirea

Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia with Daniel Mirea

Assessment & Conceptualisation in CBT & CBH with Daniel Mirea

The Cure for Perfectionism (CBT/CBH for Perfectionism) – with Daniel Mirea

Addictive Behaviours (Substances, Gambling & Sex) with Daniel Mirea

Low Mood and Low Self-Esteem with Daniel Mirea

Jul 13

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