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An Interview with UK College Diploma Graduate Kate Middleton Dip Hyp, GHR (reg) & Owner and founder of KMhypnotherapy

Tell us about your journey to running a thriving Hypnotherapy business

It feels great to be a therapist! It’s everything I’ve always wanted.

Mark and Fabienne have genuinely helped my dream come true; I knew what I wanted but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. The college made it simple and everything flowed from there.

Retraining as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist has been a lifestyle change, giving me the power to build a fulfilling business that fits in with my life.  It’s enabled me to match my previous
income and decrease my hours, increasing my flexibility and career fulfilment.

What led you to re-train?

I trained with the college 3 years ago. It took me about 4 months from leaving my previous career to opening my own practice.

I’d already taken a diploma in psychology as well as a diploma in counselling and was working as a re-enablement co-ordinator. I am passionate about helping people, but I wasn’t fully satisfied with my career. I wanted something new.

I have young children and wanted more control over my hours; I wanted a career that I could love and really make my own – something I could give my all to whilst still having time with my family.

How did you make it work?

I found it useful to focus on my ultimate goal. If you know what you want, just do it! Keep your focus on your end goal and there is no reason not to succeed: it’s that straightforward.

I’ve actually always been interested in hypnotherapy and when I saw the UK College hypnotherapy training I had clarity as to what I wanted to do. The UK College stood out to me above other hypnotherapy training courses on offer because of its evidence based approach and the fact it’s BPS approved. I quickly realised this robust approach would give me an edge as a therapist starting a new practice, and I wasn’t disappointed.The teaching and the handouts and the online support was fantastic.

What are your tips for Success?

  • Work part time for a while to support your career transition but don’t wait long to take the leap. I worked as a part-time hypnotherapist and part-time in my existing profession to bridge the transition, but taking the leap into self-employment made the difference and gave me focus.
  • Market and promote yourself often and put regular effort and time into your website too.
  • The UK College Training helps me stand out as a therapist. It is a full market; but having a solid base helps; a scientific and evidence-based approach. Use this to promote yourself.
  • Trust the occasional quieter week. I have matched my previous income but for less hours! Each month is different, clients come in their droves in some months and less so in others, but overall I have learnt to trust the process and this allows it to work.
  • Base yourself in a clinic -establish credibility, get regular referrals and a flow of clients. Feel part of a team too.
  • Keep learning. It’s not just about the classroom hours, but also about reading and reflecting. Being ready to practice overall took me a year. And ongoing professional development never stops. The UK College Smoking Cessation and Insomnia training have been invaluable.
  • Take on practice clients. As part of your early development I suggest practicing with friends of friends
  • Make use of what’s on offer. The College Online Support, resources and help is brilliant and makes all the difference.
  • Be confident! Self-belief is essential.

Kate’s website is here:

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About the author | Mark R. Davis

Mark is a therapist, trainer, meditation teacher – and a leader in developing the integration of hypnosis with cognitive behavioural psychotherapy approaches. As Director and Principal of The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, he is at the forefront of evidence-based hypnotherapy training – and is also very involved in the the integration of yoga and non-dual philosophy into Western Psychotherapy.