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This is the digital self-led version of our renowned 21-day training in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Go at your own pace! Learn in your own way!

Fully digital course, without live training or individual coaching or tutoring.
Exactly the same course content, structures, lectures, manuals, powerpoints and scripts as the Live, Webcast or Online Diplomas!

This is the course for you if you are passionate about learning about the Cognitive Behavioural approach to hypnosis and the human mind but do not need to do all the additional steps involved in becoming a certified hypnotherapist.

Perhaps you are already qualified as a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist, and are very interested in this method – but don’t need a qualification (with all of the assessment and case studies required with becoming certified).

Or perhaps you are already a hypnotherapist, really want to learn the Cognitive Behavioural approach and our Hypno-CBT® toolkit, but you aren't concerned about your learning being assessed and gaining another qualification.

Or, perhaps you just really want to learn about hypnosis and the mystery of the mind – and aren’t interested in becoming a therapist.

In whichever case, this is the course for you!

“The course provides an excellent, well-informed and broad basis for practising cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy in a professional and effective manner. I highly recommend it.”
– Professor Karen Carr, PhD – Professor of Psychology at Cranfield University

Many people take our training courses because they are deeply fascinated and curious about the human mind and hypnosis. This course is a fabulous journey through the human mind, thought, imagination and hypnosis.

Without needing to do all the extra work involved in becoming a qualified practitioner you are able to access all the lectures, exercises, discussions and practicals taking you deep into this special and powerful therapy approach – a multi-modal integration of 3 powerful and proven modalities: CBT, mindfulness and hypnosis.

Nowhere else in the world teaches this unique integration of these three powerful modalities.

Other people taking this option are fully qualified mental health practitioners or coaches – and do not want to do the formal case studies and written assessment. They simply want to study and integrate the cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy method to their existing practice.

NOTE: This version of the CBH Diploma course has no tutor support, required case studies or written assessment requirements, consequently there is only a certificate of completion and the Diploma as a qualification is not awarded (because we have not assessed that you have met the learning requirements to be awarded the qualification). You can add this option (tutoring with assessment) on later if you choose.

✅ Have 12 months full access to the same course content and electronic materials as the full qualification

✅ Listen to all of the lectures, exercises, discussions at your own pace

✅ Understand the theory or technique – and try the techniques out on yourself or another

✅ Integrate the Cognitive Behavioural Approach into your practice 

“I am a nutritional scientist with a private practice. I see clients with IBS and eating disorders, and those who struggle with weight issues.

I needed further skills for client work and chose to train online at the UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. This training has given me more than I expected.

The quality of teaching, tutoring, and just the content of the training is brilliant and truly evidence-based!

Mark has an amazing wealth of knowledge – I have often watched his lectures more than once to really catch all the little, valuable details on each topic.”

– Marianne Prasad, Nutritional Scientist and Clinical Hypnotherapist  

If you decide later that you want some 1-to-1 tutoring or coaching in this model you can add that onto your Self-Led Diploma E-Course.
If you decide later that you want to upgrade the Self-Led Diploma E-Course to a full practitioner training that is an option too.

Pay in full or in monthly payments

The full price of the Self-Led Online Training is £1645.
We have two payment options: see below.

Risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee

As part of our philosophy as adult education providers, we have a no-risk guarantee on all our courses: we will refund you 100% of the cost of your course if you are not satisfied.

You will have up to Module 3 to decide: by this point, you will have had the opportunity to learn from nearly 14 hours of teaching videos and demonstrations along with relevant scripts, slide presentations and materials. If you think the Online Diploma does not deliver on its teaching quality or content, we will give you all of your money back.

You will have to send back the manuals and pendulum at your own cost, complete an exit questionnaire and then you will be refunded.