James Braid: The Founder of Hypnotherapy

Articles about James Braid, the founder of hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis Fact & Fiction: Revisisted

This blog post is an updated version of the original Fact and Fiction blog post made more than 10 years ago! “Very few topics in the whole history of mankind can have given rise to so many absurdities, misunderstandings, and misconceptions.” – Hans Eysenck, Sense & Nonsense in Psychology (1957) The above statement from Hans […]

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Cutting through the 5 Myths of Hypnosis – Part 1

Welcome to the first in our Five Myths About Hypnosis series! I want to share with you the most common myths and misconceptions about hypnosis – and why it’s so important to question them, look to the science and use more research-informed ways of talking about hypnosis. I’m going to try and cut through the […]

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