• Please do not talk while other students or the trainer are speaking. If another student asks a question, please wait for them to finish before speaking.
  • Please be aware of your level of contribution to the group. Are you over contributing? Or under-contributing? Are you making space for others to speak? Are you holding back your questions or wisdom?
  • Please treat other students with respect and politeness.
  • If the fire alarm sounds please follow the signs for the emergency exit and convene at the fire assembly point outside the building.
  • If you have any questions about course administration, payment of fees, marking, etc., please address these to the College office or ask the trainer during break times rather than during teaching sessions.
  • Please try to use the toilets during toilet breaks only where possible. Please do not use the start of a practical as a bathroom break.
  • Please ensure that you arrive on time each day and return from all breaks at the time specified by the trainer. If for any reason you need to leave before the scheduled finish time on any day, please notify the trainer at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Please remember to sign in each day. Your diploma award is based in part upon the number of classroom hours attended, so we need to have evidence of this.
  • Please maintain the confidentiality of the group. Please also maintain the confidentiality of information your partner has shared with you during exercises. Please check with your partner before sharing with the group.

Food and Drink

  • Please do not consume alcohol or use other intoxicating substances during the course. Please do not attend the course if you are intoxicated.
  • Please do not consume food, chew gum or use mobile phones during teaching sessions or practicals. Always make sure that your mobile phone is switched off completely and please do not use mobile phones or send text messages during lessons.


  • Please make sure that you notify the trainer before taking part in any practical exercises if you have suffered from any psychotic symptoms in the past, currently experience panic attacks or clinical depression, or suffer from any medical or psychological condition which could affect your comfort or safety in any way.
  • Please pay close attention to instructions given before practical exercises.
  • Please only use methods or techniques which the trainer has instructed you to use when working with other students.
  • Please remember that practicals are for training and practice purposes and NOT therapy.
  • Please only choose mild issues to work on during the course.
  • Please stop your practice when the trainer asks you to stop
  • Please do not use other therapeutic approaches during course practice (however qualified you are in a different field).
  • Please note, you should not receive extra “therapy” from your “therapist” during the breaks or lunchtime.
  • Please keep your voice as quiet as possible during practical exercises and feedback, so as not to distract other students. Look around once you have finished to check that everyone else has finished the exercise before you raise your voice.
  • Please try to spread out as much as possible away from other students, moving to the edges of the room, during practical exercises