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Sample our Diploma Course in a Live Webcast
The LIVE WEBCAST version of our Diploma is for most people the best way to experience our training.
However we understand it's a lot of time to take off work.
So we're thrilled to offer you an opportunity to try out our Live Webcast course with three exciting options which will give a brief but powerful experience of our world class training programme, teaching style, in-depth content and our highly engaging generous trainers.

Any of these options can upgraded to the full Diploma – including the option to switch to the ONLINE format.

We strongly encourage you come and try out our training!
We've created these NEW OPTIONS with SPECIAL OFFERS to entice you to sample the training.

Kickstart your new career and therapy business today so you can help your clients experience the transformative power of hypnosis.

One Day Workshop

The Science
Self Hypnosis

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of hypnosis with our captivating presentation on the science behind

This one day workshop is the opening day of Stage 1 Foundation Course (Certificate in Evidence Based Hypnosis)

4 Day Introduction

Introduction to
Hypnosis &

The perfect introduction to our Diploma training program. From understanding the fundamentals of hypnosis to mastering hypnotic inductions and scriptwriting, you'll gain invaluable insights and skills essential for your journey in hypnotherapy.

High quality content supported by research and hands-on experience. You'll be hypnotising your practise partner on day 2 and by day 4 you'll be learning to improve your own suggestions while your client is in hypnosis (with our amazing person-centred “Hypno-CBT® Script Writing Machine”)

This four day short course is first four days of the Stage 1 Foundation Course (Certificate in Evidence Based Hypnosis)

(normally £645.00)
just £299 for you!

Thursday 16th May
to Sunday 19th May

If you decide you want to continue you can upgrade the full Stage 1 Certificate or the full Diploma – this applies to any upcoming webcast or switch to the Online Diploma

Upgrade to the full Stage 1 for £400
Upgrade to the full Diploma by Webcast for £2664
Upgrade to the full Online Diploma for £1960

7 Day Certificate in Evidence-Based Hypnosis

Take advantage of our limited-time introductory offer to save over £500 on our Stage 1 Certificate in Evidence-Based Hypnosis, the cornerstone of our Diploma training programme.

A profound journey into the world hypnosis – based on extensive research.

Delve into comprehensive coursework, hands-on training, and expert guidance, setting the stage for your success in hypnotherapy.

300 page course manual and over 400 powerpoint slides, including scripts, forms, articles and much more

Plus, seize the opportunity to upgrade to the full Diploma (options starting at £1960) and unlock even more benefits!

normally £1132.00
just £599 for you!
£79/month (1o months)

Part 1: Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th May
Part 2: Saturday 25th to Monday 27th May

If you decide you want to continue to the full Diploma you can do that starting at £2264 for the Live Webcast or £1960 for the Online Diploma – payment plans also available

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