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We are now moving to the automation of submitting your Assessment this transition will commence on 11th November 2022. Please see a link for the submission form which has changed (This is available in the Essential Information – Assessment, Case Studies and Course Guidance).   You will no longer be required to submit a word document, you can submit the answers directly to the portal.  This will also save any confusion with the questions as there have been many versions the last couple of years.  You will have the option to choose which Stage and Level you are submitting – please check your submission criteria, this is also checked in the Assessment Department, but will avoid holding up the process.

Submit your assessment link.
Once you have completed the form, this will prompt the Assessments Department to send you the link to submit your assessment.  Once completed, the assessment is then allocated to an assessor for marking.
Our Assessment Department is taking many more submissions and this will streamline the process.  Please bear with us there may be some teething problems and we would appreciate it if you can inform us, if there are any issues,  so we can sort these out.
If you have already submitted your assessment before the launch date, these will be processed Assessment Department.
Please contact Assessments@ukhypnosis.com for further clarification.

Formatting requirements – IMPORTANT

  • ALL answers must be within the limit of 400-600 words per question for the Diploma in CBH (for the SMRB Certificate/SMRB Diploma each answer must be 750-1000 words), and a word count must be noted at the end of each answer.
  • You are required to provide a bibliography of references as part of your submission.  You references should include the core textbook as a minimum, referencing of the course manuals is not acceptable or required.  Please use the Harvard System of Referencing, in-text citations are not required. There is a text box section to include your references within the portal. If you need guidance around how to reference please see the lesson entitled ‘Assessment Guidance' in Essential Learning.

Pay for your assessment here (note: you must pay for your assessment before submitting)

Return to the Student Support section here

Read the Student Handbook here (See pages 10-11 for guidelines on submission and formatting)