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Why is the assessment fee for the Diploma an additional cost?

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When paying for the Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (whether taken in a webcast, online, or blended format) you will pay an additional £195 to complete your assessment.

The assessment fee is an additional cost because not every student that takes the 3-week training wants to complete the assessment.

Rather than setting all the assessment protocols up for a student when they book a course, we wait until they are committed enough to do the assessment and then the student pays the extra fee.

The assessment fee covers the costs incurred by the following:

  • Registration fees for each student with NCFE (the external awarding body)
  • Supervision and administration for the case study process (three supervised case studies)
  • Annual costs for the qualification with NCFE
  • Annual audit from NCFE (External verification)
  • Marking of the assessment
  • Internal verification
  • Administration process (all processes are documented and time-stamp recorded)
  • Postage and Handling

If you have any questions about this fee, please contact