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Please Read:

20 month payment plans are limited to six per month.

We charge no extra interest or fees for 20 month payment plans and so can only offer a limited number of these per month and therefore they are only intended for those who cannot afford a 12 month plan.

20 Month Payment Plans: limited to 6 per month.
Once we have bookings for six 20 month payment plans in a month that option is removed.

If you can afford to make the payments for the 12 month plan please do not take an 20 month plan and return the previous page.

Thank you!

If you cannot afford the 12 month plan but can afford the 20 month plan please read the information below:

  • Please note you are entering into a financial contract for all 20 payments.
  • Please make sure you can afford to make these payments before proceeding.
If you can afford and will commit to an 20 month payment plan please click the relevant option below:

Online Diploma

Limit of six 20 month payment plans per month.

Fast-Track by Webcast Diploma

Limit of six 20 month payment plans per month.