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We are now requiring that you complete a short request form allowing us to conduct a brief credit check before approving you for a 20 month payment plan.

In comparison with the 12 month payment plan there is no interest (yes 0% interest) and no additional administrative fees.

Please note that each only a limited number of 20 month plans are available.
As we are receiving many requests for 20 month plans it is likely that if you request a 20 month plan it will then be unavailable for someone else. Therefore please only request this payment plan if you truly can not make the payments for the 12 month payment plan.

20 Month Payment Plan Request Form

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Contact Details

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20 Month Payment Plan Request Requirements

Max. file size: 50 MB.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
This can be a utility bill or similar document.
Period requested for Loan Repayment*
Confirm agreement for a credit check*

Educational background / Reasons for taking the course

Please give some background, your motivation and purpose in taking the course, what you hope to gain from the training and how you intend to make use of what you learn during the training?

Confirmation and Agreement

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