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120 Contact Hours Form

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By using the form below you can see if you chosen Diploma training programme will allow you to join CNHC (including NCH & GHR).
AND what additional hours you will need to gain to be able to join at a later date.


To join CNHC (The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) – you will need to join a verifying organisation  – typically either GHR or NCH.

The requirements to join are a Core Curriculum, 3 Case Studies, an Assessment Process and 120 Contact Hours.
Contact Hours are defined as simultaneous presence of trainer and learner – these can include live lectures, live discussions, live 1-to-1 tutoring, trainer observation and presence during practical exercises (e.g. trainer observes and/or can be called over), debrief and discussion of practical exercises, group led hypnosis/meditation etc.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic CNCH has accepted “simultaneous electronic presence” – i.e. via Zoom or Microsoft Teams etc.

Our Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy can be taken in various formats:
Live/Webcast, Online (Pre-recorded lectures, 1-to-1 tutoring, group practice sessions) or a Blend of Live/Webcast and Online.


The Curriculum, Case Studies, Assessment and the final qualification awarded (from NCFE) are EXACTLY the same whichever format you take.

However the number of “Contact Hours” (simultaneous presence of trainer and learner) vary.
Our Diploma is split into 3 equal “Stages”: Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3
In addition to the training hours – you also have a number of two hour supervised Group Practice Sessions. A trainer is present, answers questions and observes the practicals – and so these contribute to your Contact Hours.

Contact Hours Per Stage
Live/Webcast: Training Course – 45.5 hours + 2 Group Practice Sessions (4 hours) = 49.5 Contact Hours per Stage
Online Diploma: Training Course: 5 hours (tutoring per stage) + 3 Group Practice Sessions (6 hours) = 11 Contact Hours per Stage

If you take the whole Diploma by Live/Webcast format – then you have 3 x 45.5 = 136.5 Contact Hours (exceeding the minimum 120 Contact Hours requirement for CNHC)
If you take the whole Diploma via Online format – then you have 3 x 11 hours = 33 Contact Hours (requiring an additional 87 Contact hours to meet the 120 hour requirement).

You can “make up” the additional contact hours via attending Group Practice Sessions, additional live/webcast workshops, additional live/webcast courses, attending webinars etc.

The form beneath allows you to calculate how many Contact Hours your chosen format will give you – AND what additional hours you need to gain.