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I hope you are all staying healthy, positive and learning how to adapt to these challenging changing times.

As part of seeing how we can adapt to this time I want to invite you to this week's panel discussion webinar:

How to become an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist  – while at home!
Thursday 19th November at 7.30pm-9pm
Featuring a special panel of recent Online Diploma graduates: Nicola Galiano, Ed Lyons and Mark Austin
Hosted by Mark R. Davis

While the current Diploma training via webcast is underway, I thought it would be a great opportunity to answer your questions about our other key training format – the Online Diploma.

This is the full practitioner diploma training but in a go-at-your-own pace format with pre-recorded lectures, 15 hours of tutoring, weekly group practice sessions.

BUT…. does that REALLY work as a training format?
AND…. can that work for you as a training format?
Come and find out!!

Join me and three of our recent trainees, and now graduates, as we discuss their experience of the Online Diploma format and answer your questions.

Webinar Panelists – recent Online Diploma graduates:

Nicola Galiana
Nicola is currently working in HR and a large part of her role is around colleague wellbeing. Nicola has used aspects of her diploma nearly everyday in her work from running relaxation sessions, running sessions on wellbeing and managing stress and sessions on insomnia.
The diploma has given her more options in that she can run her own business and/or pivot her career.

Ed Lyon
Ed Lyon is a professional opera singer and therapist based in Cheltenham. He holds Diplomas in CBH and SMRB from the UK College as well as accreditation in ACT and CFT. He specialises in Performance Stress and Anxiety. Ed’s website is edlyon-therapy.co.uk

Mark Austin
Mark works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them overcome their procrastination, manage their emotions and be more productive.
You can find Mark at www.cognitiveprofit.com

In this webinar we’ll cover the following:

What is included in the Online Diploma:
● The extensive course materials
● 15 hours of 1-to-1 tutoring and coaching
● Lots of practical experience as therapist and client
● The evidence-based approach & curriculum
● The assessment and qualification
● How it prepares you to be a professional hypnotherapist

We will also go through our accessible 6-month training schedule: a study and work plan to get you qualified and into practice WITHIN SIX MONTHS!

✅  The fully accredited practitioner qualification you will receive – and the opportunities afforded by this qualification.

Nicola, Ed and Mark Austin will tell you about their experience of the training, and how they have used and developed the skills gained in accordance with their own specialist areas and goals

We’ll also discuss how the Online Diploma can work for you as a retraining option that is aligned with your values – and will give you rewarding opportunities both during and post-lockdown.
Helping people cope with stress and anxiety, be free of pain, find hope and connection, rediscover and uncover their strengths and purpose is deeply fulfilling.

You’ll have the chance to ask Nicola, Ed, Mark Austin and myself (Lead Trainer and Director of the College) any questions you may have about the training course and career opportunities.

Rolling Intake During November

There has been such a high demand from those wishing to retrain during this lockdown period that we have actually extended the usually twice-monthly intake dates for the Online Diploma to a monthly intake for November on a rolling basis.  So you can start studying whenever you like!


Learn how to become an accredited hypnotherapist while at home (during lockdown!)
Thursday 19th November 7:30pm

Click here to register for the webinar.

If you can’t make it then, please register anyway and we’ll send you the recording to watch in your own time.

“I would recommend this course as it is thorough, rigorous and legitimate. The course gave me a solid understanding of subjects that I haven’t been able to get so clearly or at all in other training courses.”
– Anna Minihane MSc Pgdip (BA Hons), Integrative Psychotherapist, BABCP reg CBT therapist, UK reg EDMR practitioner – NHS and private practitioner.

About the author | Mark R. Davis

Mark is a therapist, trainer, meditation teacher – and a leader in developing the integration of hypnosis with cognitive behavioural psychotherapy approaches. As Director and Principal of The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, he is at the forefront of evidence-based hypnotherapy training – and is also very involved in the the integration of yoga and non-dual philosophy into Western Psychotherapy.