The Hypno-CBT® Toolbox: 35 different therapy techniques

In talking with other hypnotherapists and psychotherapists it’s clear that many have only a small range of techniques and interventions to draw upon.  We believe it’s important that hypnotherapists and psychotherapists have a wide range of interventions (treatment elements) to draw upon … Continue reading

The Structured Clinical Interview

This is an outline of some basic questions to be asked during a generic initial assessment. It’s based on the structured clinical interview format in Donald R. Peterson’s The Clinical Study of Social Behavior (1968) and Donald Meichenbaum’s suggested assessment questions in Stress Inoculation Training (1985).

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The Hippocratic Oath in Psychotherapy

This is a proposal for a modernised version of the ancient Hippocratic Oath, sworn by doctors throughout the centuries. The traditional principles of the oath have been preserved but rephrased and modified for use by contemporary psychotherapists and hypnotherapists.

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Problem & Goal Formulation in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy

The process of problem formulation is integral to assessment and conceptualisation in cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy. This article provides a brief outline of the method used in our approach.

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