The Hypno-CBT® Toolbox: 35 different therapy techniques

In talking with other hypnotherapists and psychotherapists it’s clear that many have only a small range of techniques and interventions to draw upon.  We believe it’s important that hypnotherapists and psychotherapists have a wide range of interventions (treatment elements) to draw upon … Continue reading

Excerpt: On Autosuggestion from The Philosophy of CBT

This is a brief excerpt from the new book, The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which describes the relationship between Émile Coué’s emthod of “conscious autosuggestion” and the maxims of ancient philosophical traditions.

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Muscular Suggestion in Hypnosis and the James-Lange Theory of Emotion

The influential James-Lange theory of emotion has a precursor in the “muscular suggestion” technique of James Braid, the founder of hypnotherapy. This article explores how Braid used hypnosis “from the outside in” to evoke subjective responses to physical manipulation.

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