Stress Management or Hypnotherapy training? Which is best?

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With Mark Davis and Shelley Cushway

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February 2021 is a really exciting month for us as we’re offering two different courses that can provide trainees with the skills and qualification necessary to help others manage stress at this time.

Helping others cope with stress is hugely important at this time.

Both of these courses give you a huge range of evidence-based techniques to be helping others to cope, to adapt and to develop resilience.

The courses provide two different routes of access to our evidence-based therapy models, which specialise in treating stress and anxiety across the board:
1/ Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
2/ Stress Management and Resilience Building Training Course. 

In both courses you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what stress actually is, as well as a big toolbox of techniques, models and approaches to help stress-related issues in a wide range of people.

What’s in the webinar?

Mark Davis and Shelley Cushway, lead trainers of both courses, will explain the differences between the two courses in the webinar. In addition

Join Mark and Shelley to learn more about:

  • Case examples of clients presenting with stress-related issues and how you could help them using the skills learnt on each course 
  • An in-depth look at the content and experience of each course so you can decide which is right for you (or if you’d like to compound the skills learnt on each by taking both)
  • A discussion of how the skills learnt on both courses are particularly applicable right now: you will learn sound, evidence-based strategies to help others self-manage in terms of acceptance, being in the present moment, adapting to change, daily life problem solving etc.
  • And you’ll have a chance to ask Mark and Shelley any questions you have about the opportunities both courses offer in a live Q&A at the end of the webinar

What are the courses we’re offering?

The Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is the main training course that we offer and is a rapid, in-depth, rigorous training in a unique integration of three proven modalities – hypnosis, CBT and mindfulness – that will get you started quickly in practice. Our next Fast-Track Webcast Diploma course starting on 22nd February is one of our fastest training programmes we’ve delivered so far – and there are a couple of spaces left on this cohort. 

The Stress Management and Resilience Building Training is a 6-day course that has been a massive success with those who have taken it ever since we launched it in 2019. Grounded in a sound evidence base and targeted very much at corporate clients (you learn to design a workshop in the training) – this course covers a huge range of evidence-based, non-hypnotic techniques for helping clients calm the body and mind in an increasingly overstimulated world.

Our next webcast SMRB training is running this month from Monday 15th to Saturday 20th February. 

How are they different?
Which should I choose?
Do they work together?

The main difference between these two courses is that the SMRB training does not include any hypnotherapy, so is a different point of access to the stress management market. 

Whilst in the Diploma you will learn an extensive skillset based on CBT protocols for how to work with clients one-to-one (see our Toolbox of 35 Hypno-CBT techniques here) – the SMRB course allows you to understand stress, learn resilience-building techniques, and pull this knowledge together through designing your own workshop.

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