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Thursday 10th August 2023 – 7pm

Hypnosis is not relaxation.
You don't even have to be relaxed to go into hypnosis!
But relaxation is one of the easiest and most useful ways to use hypnosis, and relaxation is central to some psychotherapy treatments.

In this webinar I'll explore in particular the psychological science of relaxation and it's rationale and place in therapy.

What is to relax?
What do we mean by relaxation?

There are many different types of relaxation:
Voluntary/Deliberate vs Involuntary/Automatic
Physical tension relaxation vs emotional/autonomic relaxation
Hypnotic vs non-hypnotic.

Relaxation of effort
Relaxation of focus
Relaxation of thought

One fundamental aspect or meaning of relaxation is to reduce rigidity – to return to a more “lax” or “loose” state. This has considerable implications for psychotherapy – especially when we consider that psychological rigidity vs flexibility is the core issue that presents.

Certainly in cognitive behavioural psychotherapies we'd consider increasing “cognitive flexibility” and “behavioural flexibility” to be core goals,

So what is the relaxation between relaxation and psychological flexibility.
Do the different types of relaxation (emotional vs motor/tension) make a difference in terms of psychological flexibility?

Is there a relationship between relaxation, creative thinking and problem solving?

The topic is extensive and MUST always be backed up by direct experience of the different types of relaxation.

In this webinar I'll touch on these different aspects, introducing you to the breadth and depth of the topic – and take you through a guided experience of type of relaxation. Then we'll discuss and debrief the experience. We'll consider how we can use it in therapy and in daily life, and explore relationship between hypnotic and non-hypnotic forms of relaxation.

You should be! It's a fascinating topic!

Join me for this exploration of the hypnosis and relaxation.

Thursday August 10th
7pm to 8:15pm
Fee: Free